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Walkon Offensive Lineman Will Briscoe from Tupelo is not going to be a star this year. He probably won't play in games this year, but he feels he has a future on the Ole Miss football team and has been treated as well as any scholarship player in fall camp. A good start. Read about it inside.

Will Briscoe, a walkon offensive lineman from Tupelo, smiled when asked about his first fall football camp on the collegiate level.

"It was really good, but it was a lot harder than I expected," said Briscoe, a 6-3, 312-pounder. "I wasn't in good enough shape to perform the way I wanted to, but I was in good enough shape to survive.

"I learned a lot and I was treated like everyone else."

The "learning part" was more than Briscoe expected as well.

"I knew we would be running a lot of inside and outside zone blocking stuff and figured I would be well-versed in that since we ran that at Tupelo," he said, "but it's completely different here and was definitely a challenge learning everything.

"In high school, if you are running outside zone, there are three steps you can take and that's it. In collge, you might see a multitude of fronts and there are calls for every front. It's pretty overwhelming at first."

Will is currently playing left guard after being a right tackle in high school.

"I really like that position. I think it suits me. I have grown to like it and think it's more suitable for my size," he continued.

As an invited, or preferred, walkon Will was able to report when the varsity did. The "other" walkons joined the team after school started.

"I have been treated very well, just like I am on scholarship. I am no different. The scholarship guys get a few more reps in practice, but I expected that. It's been good and very fair so far for me," Briscoe noted.

Will could have signed a scholly against this week's opponent - Memphis.

"I went to their camp and didn't really like the facilities that much. Coach O called and asked me and my family to meet with him here," said Will. "He told me I would get the same opportunity as anyone and this is where I always wanted to play, so I came here."

Will knows there is a lot of work in front of him, but he's patient about the task ahead.

"I need to lose some weight and get to about 300 for movement purposes. I also need to get stronger. I have always been stronger than I am fast, but when you get to this level you realize how strong everyone else is," he noted. "I also need to work on my agility and basically get overall better."

Briscoe goes against the first defense every day in practice because he's on the service (scout) team.

"At first, it was a little intimidating seeing Jerrell Powe in front of me every play, but I've gotten used to it now. We take pride in what we are doing and we go hard every down to give the defense a good look," Will added. "Let me put it this way - I've never been against anyone like him or the other guys on the first defense, but it will only make me better and I have already adjusted to it a lot."

Will Briscoe understands he has a hard road and lots of work ahead of him, but so far, so good.

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