Practice Report - Tuesday

The Rebels are preparing for their season opener Saturday at Memphis. Go inside for details.

It was a Tuesday practice today, and our guys were very crisp, very sharp. We went over a lot of gameplan stuff and adjustments. I thought they did a fine job with it.

What do you now do at nose tackle?

Daverin Geralds is playing, as is Jeremy Garrett. Those guys are very capable of doing a good job there. One of those guys would have started even before what happened today. It looks like Jeremy is healthy enough to start, so he may be the guy. It all depends on how he feels.

Did you talk to the team about Powe?

Yeah, we talked. The team handled it very well. I talked about us having 105 players and a bunch of coaches, and we are going to go through a whole season. Every team in the country is going to face adversity and we faced some today. We are going to treat it as a positive. Knowing Jerrell Powe, he is going to continue to compete and there still is a chance for him. There are appeals going on. Whether this year or next, Powe will play for Ole Miss and be a great player. I was saddened when I heard it, and he was also. It was a big blow to him. I know him, and he will compete to be on this Ole Miss football team. He is an Ole Miss Rebel.

Did you tell him or did someone else?

I don't know who told him, but I met with him. Obviously he was disappointed, but after we talked, he walked out with his head up. He will continue to be at Ole Miss, and eventually, everything is going to work out for him.

What did Chris Strong do today?

He worked middle linebacker today. He did a very good job. We are mixing and matching our best linebackers, and there are injuries here and there. We've only had these guys for three weeks, so we are seeing what they can do best. Part of our program is to move people around and see where the best 11 fit.

When did Jeremy start practicing?

He started Monday.

What positions are most important against a spread offense?

We always have to be good up front. We didn't play well against these guys up front last year, so that is our first concern. Also on the corners. They are a big screen team and a big outside run team. Linebackers have to run.

Any change in the punter competition?

Yeah, Justin Sparks looks like he may be the guy. He had a good day today, but we aren't definitive on that. We will make a decision by the end of the week.

Was the punter spot something you were displeased about last year?

We need a strong leg there, and one where we can flip the field. There isn't one that is clearly better than the other. They are all about equal.

How have the young guys handled the pressure of game week?

Been really good. You know last week on the first day of classes, we had a horrible day of classes. We didn't have one of those this week. Our guys are focused. Today was competition Tuesday, and our guys went very hard today.

How has the scout team handled everything?

Very well. Saturday we had a scrimmage, and the guys competed and did good work. They are being coached up and doing a good job.

Any word on Ted and Rishaw?

No, no word.

How is Reid Neely?

Thomas Eckers looks like he will go in there at the moment. Reid doesn't look full tilt, but it is only Tuesday. A lot can happen, but right now, no. We will know by the end of the week.

What about Shay?

He practiced today and looked good. It looks like he will play.

How many receivers will you play Saturday?

Shay, Dexter, Marshay, Mike, Mike, Greg. Five or six.

Have you read Meat Market yet?

No, but I am sure it is positive.

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