'I talk to OM about every other day'

Ricky Holloway (LB, Somerville, TN) - Scout.com's #20 nationally ranked MLB had 81 tackles, 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 4 recovered fumbles as a junior, but he is even looking for a bigger senior campaign.

"We play Hamilton on Saturday in our season opener. It is the first time we have played on Saturday since I have been here. Coach Thompson always has to mix things up," added a playful Ricky Holloway. "We have been preparing for Hamilton for at least a month. We have been learning their new offensive and defensive schemes. Personally, I have been playing some FB and OG on offense, as well as MLB. He told me that I am too good to come off of the field. Hey, what ever it takes to bring back our school a trophy, I am all for."

Holloway sees much improvement in his game compared to this point last year.

"I have been working on my speed with my track coach. I have been in the weight room every other day. I am just waiting to prove to everyone that we can be a true contender for the championship. Last year was our first time to make the playoffs since 1996. This is Coach T's third year, so everyone expects us to contend for state this year."

The team has seen some improvements as well.

"Last year, we were weak against the run. Teams ran all over us, so we worked hard all offseason to stop the run. Defenses is what wins championships."

Ricky has stayed in the film room and it is paying dividends.

"I have been studying a lot more film. Coach T told me I had to realyl break it down. This year he told me that I would have to do more than just watch film; I have to understand the schemes and what they do. I have been watching film like five days a week."

Which coaches has Holloway stayed in contact with lately?

"Ole Miss and Mississippi State because they were the first two schools to offer me. Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, and MTSU is in my home state, so I have got to let them know I will keep in touch with them. I have been talking to Clemson the last couple of days. I am trying to work on a scholarship with Clemson. They are going to come watch me play pretty soon."

Who all has offered?

"Tennessee, MTSU, Memphis, Arkansas, Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and my coach is working on one with Florida, Miami, and Clemson."

Any college games on tap?

"The first game I will go to is MSU/LSU on Saturday. My teammate goes to MSU now, Wade Bonner. He wants me to come watch him play in his first game. I am going to be buys this season, between practice and going to all of these games. Arkansas told me about one of their games. I told them I will call and make reservations when I coming. There will be so many to choose from."

What is the number one most important factor when Holloway is trying to find the right school?

"The depth chart. It is all about who all they have at my position and how many they are going to recruit to my position."

Which depth chart is the most inviting?

"I would say MSU because they still are in a rebuilding mode, and Tennessee because Mayo will probably enter the draft. But mostly MSU and Ole Miss. Ole Miss is recruiting a LB out of Jackson Central Merry. His name is Gavin Hardin. Me and him scrimmaged against each other last week. We talked about some things about Ole Miss. We have been talking a lot on the phone now. He said we can make the best LB duo in the SEC. But I know I can start as a freshman at MSU."

Which college seems to want Ricky the most?

"I would probably say Tennessee because it is in my home state. They send me 5,6,7 letters every day. Arkansas is showing me a lot of love. MSU was the first school to offer me. I got to show them a lot of love. Ole Miss is on me pretty strong. I talk to them about every other day. Georgia has been texting a lot, but I would probably say Tennessee or MSU."

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