Wallace confident as season begins

Mike Wallace is ready. He knows the receivers are getting better. He wants to contribute even more than he has his first two years at Ole Miss. He will likely get that chance beginning Saturday afternoon.

The New Orleans native joins Marshay Green, Dexter McCluster, Michael Hicks, and a healthy Shay Hodge as the Rebels' top wide receiver threats.

There'd been some concerns earlier about dropped passes among the corps. Wallace says things are looking up as gametime nears.

"We've been catching the ball better. I've been catching the ball better," said the 6-foot, 180-pound junior with two letters in his first two seasons at Ole Miss.

Wallace says maturity among the receivers is one positive. Coaching he feels is another.

"Coach (Hugh) Freeze brings a confidence to us," said Wallace, who played in 10 games as a true freshman in 2005 and in 12 games as a sophomore in 2006. "He's not really on our backs if we mess up. He let's us go back in and get it right. Nothing against (former) Coach (Matt) Lubick and what he was doing. We just feel more comfortable now. We just don't play as tense. We work for him better like that. We should do better this year."

Wallace knows the receiver corps will also be better because of valuable game experience from last year.

"We look at things much different now," said Wallace, with 24 receptions last season for 410 total yards and two touchdowns. "We know we've got that game experience. We're way more confident, and we're all ready to make things happen."

Wallace believes in the Rebel offense and feels it will be more productive this season than the last couple of years when points were often hard to come by.

"The passing game is getting better. We already had a good running game," said the O. Perry Walker High School product. "Even the running game is getting better with Bruce (Hall), Cordera (Eason), and Ben (Jarvus Green-Ellis). With Dexter coming back and with Shay coming back, we're going to be ready. Our offense will step it up a lot more. We've been doing well in practice."

Wallace said he's comfortable with Seth Adams at the controls of the offense.

"He's not a new guy for us. He played a lot last year," Wallace said. "We were used to him from last year, so we've adjusted to him well."

Wallace has heard the fact and is aware that receiver might be a position of not so great depth on this year's squad. He still views that as a positive.

"We have to look at it that way. We're ready to roll," he said. "I won't say it's a good thing we don't have all that much depth. But we do get to play more, and I feel we can all do the job."

Wallace says he's put in the time and made it his goal to improve in all areas for the upcoming season.

"I've worked on everything, from short passes to deep passes - me and Seth and Brent (Schaeffer) - every day," he said. "Even the guys in the backfield, like BenJarvus and Bruce, they're ready to get involved in it (passing game), too."

Wallace says it's been a good August for the Rebel offense, and they are ready to put it on display Saturday afternoon.

"I know we've only been out there doing it in practice, but I believe we're better," he said. "I think everybody else thinks so, too. I can tell there is more confidence. With the experience we have now, I think everybody is ready to get things done this year."

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