Practice report, Wednesday

The Rebels resumed preparations for the season opener against Memphis this Saturday in the IPF. Lightning and rain in the area forced the team inside. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments about the workout and DT Ted Laurent being cleared by the NCAA today inside.

Coach O: This was a typical game week Wednesday practice. Again, we are very happy to have our indoor facilities on days like today. We didn't miss any work thanks to the IPF. The guys were really spirited. We still have a couple of corrections to make and a couple of things to install tomorrow, but for the most part we are in good shape. We got good news that Ted Laurent was cleared today. The timing on it was good, for us and him.

Q: What does Ted add to the D-Line?

Coach O: Depth, for one thing. He's big and strong enough to play this year. Eventually he will be in the mix, but not right now with the timing of it and the first game so close. I'm happy for him and glad to get him back on the team.

Q: How are Lawon Scott and Justin Sanders doing there as well?

Coach O: Coming along fine. I'm not sure if they will redshirt or not. You never can tell on the DL - you might get a rash of injuries and have to play them. They are coming along fine.

Q: From what you have seen of Ted before he had to sit out, how long do you think it would take him to get into the mix?

Coach O: A couple of weeks and he'll be right there.

Q: How is Reid Neely doing?

Coach O: OK. He's not great, he's not bad. He's just OK, but it's only Wednesday.

Q: You had a few guys out of contact today. Was most of that precautionary?

Coach O: Mostly dings. Nothing major right now. We did it as a precaution.

Q: Are you fairly set on your two-deep right now?

Coach O: Pretty much, but we will talk more about that tomorrow. We'll get into more detail in terms of who will rotate and how many plays they will get. Just because you are in the rotation, though, does not guarantee playing time. You have to get in there and perform. A sudden change, for instance, I want our best guys in there. Nothing is guranteed, but we have a good idea of our personnel.

Q: How is Peria Jerry?

Coach O: He will be fine.

Q: When will you make your punting decision?

Coach O: Probably tomorrow. I may not tell you guys (laughs) but we will make it then.

Q: How is Brandon Jenkins doing in DL rotation?

Coach O: He and Jeremy Garrett are important because they played for us last year and know how to do the things we want them to do. But Brandon is not a finished product. Jeremy gets a little sore and tired, but he's going to give us some time. He is probably our best technician up front in understanding how to play the nose tackle slot.

Q: How are the DEs doing?

Coach O: Marcus Tillman has not missed a rep and I think he will have a great year. Greg (Hardy) can be dominant at times. We are fine there.

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