Practice Report, Thursday

Coach Ed Orgeron said the Ole Miss Rebels will head to the Bluff City on Friday. Kickoff is 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium between Ole Miss and the Memphis Tigers.

Rishaw Johnson has been cleared and practiced today. Ted Laurent was in meetings today and worked with the second team.

The Rebels had to practice for the second day in a row in the Indoor Practice Facility. Orgeron said it's good to have a place to work when thunderstorms invade the area.

"Obviously it's good to have an indoor practice facility," said Orgeron, two days from the start of his second season as head coach at Ole Miss. "We were inside again today. We worked and made our final preparations."

Orgeron said he believes the team is ready for the Tigers, and they'll see come Saturday afternoon.

"I kinda have a good vision of what will happen," he said. "I've been with 'em a while now. I'm sure there will be a couple of surprises. I have some expectations, and hopefully they'll come through."

Orgeron said there was a different spring in the team's step as gameday neared.

"The whole team has a different energy level about themselves. Their eyes are bigger. There's more attention to detail, more focus."

Orgeron said Seth Adams has had a good week since officially being named the starting quarterback.

"He's looked good. I think naming him the starter has helped him. I think it's helped the team. I think you see a lot more confidence in him out there. He's had some good practice. But nobody's going to judge you by your practices. They'll judge you by your games. I'm sure he's going to be fine and steady, like we expect. He'll make some mistakes, but I don't think there will be any major surprises."

O said a starting punter would likely not be decided until warmups Saturday.

He also would not say what he would do if he won the coin toss on Saturday.

He said he felt good about the defense and the fact that there have been some moves made there.

"You have to look at it this way, we've had a bunch of new guys. We owe it to ourselves to tryout what's the best 11. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. There will always be experimentations. It's not like we have a veteran team and we moved a guy that was solid at one spot and had played there for two years. I said this as far back as the spring. It's going to take us up until gametime to find out who is going to be our starting linebacker corps. So we've gone ahead with that plan."

Orgeron said kickoff coverage has been good given the fact that kickoffs are from the 30-yard line now.

He also said starting up front on defense would be a mix of four players at this point.

"Peria (Jerry) will start, and I think Jeremy Garrett will start. Daverin Geralds will be in the mix with Brandon Jenkins. We'll have a rotation there."

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