' 09 QB making waves

Scout.com's nearly released Class of 2009 Southeast 50 To Watch came out today and one of its members is ready to get the season under way.

"Practice has been going well," added Clayton Moore. "We have been looking good. We put in a few new passing plays for Starkville, so I am excited about that."

Moore believes Louisville High can go a long ways this year.

"It is what ever we want it to be. We have the talent. The only question is will we use it? We have a very good team this year, as long as we keep our heads straight and I do not turn the ball over, we can go as far as we want to. WCBI came to our practice today. That was exciting. We never could get them over last year, so maybe we are turning some heads now."

Clayton has actually been turning heads in the Mississippi high school ranks for two years now, and he is only a rising junior. Last season he passed for over 2, 100 yards, rushed for another 459 and scored a total of 19 TD's.

Has the extra recognition given Clayton any added pressure?

"None, no pressure on me. The public thinks I have to live up to what has been written about me, but as far as football goes, I will just play every Friday night like it is my last. Regardless of how good of a show I put on, as long as I give it my all, then that is all I can ask for. I am going to make mistakes. That is just going to happen. I just have to make sure I play every snap like it is my last."

Mississippi has more D1 QB prospects in the '09 class than they have had in years, maybe combined. Is the competition friendly between this group of signall callers?

"I guess you can say that. I have gone to some camps with Tyler Russell. I went to one camp with Chris Garrett. I talk to both of them on the phone. I have played against Chris and Russell. I actually played Russell this past Friday in a jamboree. He played good. I was impressed with his game. I think Tyler is going to be a very good college QB. Both players are really good players. Then you have some other guys out there like Cameron Lawrence and some more good ones out there that are very good QB's too. The state is going to be loaded next year at QB. This could be the best group of QB's to ever come out of Mississippi, so they say, so I am just excited to be a part of it."

What makes Clayton so effective at QB?

"I think I do real well by being a leader and setting a good example for my teammates. I keep everything positive and move the chains. I need to convert more 3rd and longs this year. We have to do that against Starkville tonight because their defense is so tough. It is going to be a packed house tonight. This is the biggest game of the year for both teams. I get chills just talking about it."

Last season Moore and his teammates were on a mission to earn their first state championship in years for traditionally rich, Louisville, but they ran into a buzzsaw against Clarksdale in the playoffs.

"Clarksdale had some grown men on their team. They were awesome. The best team I have ever faced, by far. They would hit you. I wish we could play them every Friday night. They were good. We moved to 3A this year. I cried and cried when we lost that game. It felt like you had just lost your dog. I could not wait for next year to play them again. Then I find out we move to 3A. I am not happy about it at all. I am going to just have to take my anger out against Starkville. It's our huge rival game. It's on."

Clayton has many weapons on his team, but one of his wideouts will be one of the more coveted offensive players in the state of Mississippi next season.

"Denice Thomas is the go to guy. He is about 6' 1", 185 and he ran a 4.38 at the Memphis combine. He can fly. Denice makes my job so easy. I just throw it 10 yards and he takes it 70. I get credit for 80 yards, but in reality, he did it all. Denice is one of those "pad your stats" weapons. I am glad he is on my team."

Moore had a chance to showcase his skills at a few places this summer.

"I went to the Scout.com showcase camp in Atlanta, the Rivals combine, the Manning passing camp, and the Ole Miss, Clemson, and Oklahoma State football camps. I was awarded the Top QB at the Rivals combine. I got a plaque."

Which colleges are showing early interest in this talented youngster?

"Ole Miss is showing some interest. MSU, I do not know if they are showing me interest or not. I saw Coach Croom at Peppers. I came up to him. He did not know who I was until I told him my name. He told me that he was looking forward to seeing me at one of his camps this summer, which I never made it to because I had some other things going on. After we talked, he wanted to know my size and weight. He walked over to the table where my parents were sitting and introduced himself. He was a real good talker. I like to talk a lot, so I liked that. He gave me his cell number to keep in touch. I went to Clemson's 3 Day camp. It went real good, real good. I thought they were going to offer me a scholarship right then and there, but they said there was no hurry. They already have a good crop of QB's. They committed Kyle Parker and Willie Corn is over there right now. But their offensive coordinator showed me a lot of interest. He wants to see how their young QB's are going to develop first. Oklahoma State is showing me a lot of interest too. Those are the four main schools that are recruiting me. Georgia sent me a hand written letter. I think Kansas State did too. Michigan State also sent me a hand written letter. Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, MSU, Michigan State, Kansas State, and Georgia have all sent me hand written letters. The rest of them just send me letters to try and get their name out. But Clemson, they let us run down hill, touch the rock, and run out into their stadium at their camp. Man, that would be really exciting to play there. They shot the cannon and all just like game day. That was fun. If it were not for their depth chart, they would be real attractive for me."

Did Clayton grow up a fan of any one school?

"It is kind of weird. One side of my family, my mothers, grew up die hard Ole Miss fans. And then my dad's side grew up in Starkville, so they were MSU fans. I actually grew up in Starkville so I went to a lot of MSU games. I lived in Starkville through my 9th grade season, so it makes it that much more of a Rival. My mom worked in Louisville so I had to move in with her. My dad lives in Louisville now too. He is a highway patrolman."

What does Moore think about the two Mississippi schools?

"I am not a die hard MSU fan, but I did grow up rooting for them. Right now, I think they are looking pretty hard at Chris Garrett. But that really does not matter to me. Of course it is motivation, but I will be rooting for MSU even if Chris ends up there and I end up someone else. As far as Ole Miss, I went to their 1 Day camp. They had Charles Mitchell and a lot of their top recruits playing 7 on 7 games on another field. I was disappointed they did not select me to play with those guys, but I know I am two years away, and they want to get a good look at all of the guys they are going to sign this year. Still, I was a little disappointed. That will not have an effect if I am going to like them or not though. They are still right up there with everybody else. I tell you one thing I did like about Ole Miss though were their coaches. They were will intense. I like intense."

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