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The players felt the same way a lot of fans did after the 23-21 victory over Memphis. Some good things, some areas of concern. Read their thoughts inside.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On any Memphis changes in the second half) No, they did a pretty good job of playing solid defense the whole game. They played us hard. We needed to make adjustments, but we were never quite able to adjust. In the second half, they jumped our cage a little bit. I know you saw that. They hit me in the backfield, but we got them caught offsides and got them back on their heels. They tried to run blitz us, so we got them with the short passing game. (On Seth Adams) Seth's play was excellent. He connected on a lot of the quick stuff. We had a chance to get them deep one time, but I don't know what happened on it. (On finishing) We had them down, and they came back. We know that we have to play all four quarters. You can't win a game in the first, second or third, you have to win it in the fourth quarter. We got a good stop to close it at the end. (On throwing the ball more than expected) We took what they gave us. Since they run blitzed, it opened up the short pass. (Are you satisfied with the win) A win is a win, but as far as I'm concerned, we know that we have to get better. The defense really saved our butts. We have to watch the film and get better. The defense was on the field far too long.

DT Peria Jerry: (On possibly getting tired in the second half) I won't say tired, but it was definitely a long second half. (On facing more than 90 plays in one game) Oh, in two-a-days, we faced about 120. (On the team's attitude late in the game) Everyone was still positive. We knew we had to keep playing. We played a really good first half, but we seemed to let down our guard in the second half some. We really have to learn to get ourselves off the field in those situations.

QB Seth Adams: (On getting the first game under his belt) We started out fast and did some good things. We fizzled out there in the fourth quarter, but the main thing, is that we came out with a win. I have to credit the defense because they made some huge plays for us. (On his confidence growing) We got into a rhythm so definitely. The thing I am most proud of is that we put a good drive together there at the end and burned some clock. (On pass protection) Credit our offensive line, they did a fantastic job protecting me. We ran the game plan successfully, and they did a great job of blocking because they were blitzing a lot. (On Cory Actis calming him down) I felt really good. Cory and I are roommates in the hotel, and he talked to me. He has a lot more playing experience and made sure to calm me down, but it felt good out here. I was confident. (On his day) Me personally, for a first start, I did well. Obviously we won, and I want to celebrate that with my teammates. You have to credit the guys around me. Our offensive line did a great job. The receivers caught the ball and made plays. We fizzled some, but came back hard at the end. It was successful overall, but it can get better.

LB Ashlee Palmer: (On the defense overall) I think we played extremely well today. Coach O wanted to emphasize the defense, and we showed that. (On the turnovers) Coach said to make sure we won the turnover battle. That has been emphasized since day one, and we were able to do that. Causing turnovers and winning the defensive part of the game will result in overall wins.

CB Dustin Mouzon: (On being tired during the last drive) It is always frustrating being out there on the field as much as we were. It is must a matter or bowing up and playing defense. We have to learn how to get ourselves off the field. If things don't go well for the offense, we have to step up and play. We didn't give the offense enough opportunities in the second half because Memphis had the ball most of the time and we couldn't stop them. (On his day) I don't want to take all the credit. Turnovers fell into my hands today. If it wasn't for the other ten guys on the field, it might not have fallen into my hands. Also Coach Thompson with great calls, it was just there. (On the touchdown off the interception) I jumped on the out route. Jamarca Sanford made a key block on Duke Calhoun, and I took it the rest of the way. (On Memphis' last drive) It was frustrating to me personally, you have a six-eight receiver, and all you can think about is them throwing that fade ball on you. Backed up against the wall, no defense likes that, but what can you say, it is something you have to do. (On personal goals) Not necessarily (turnovers), my goal is tackles. I missed a couple today and have to make up for it. As for interceptions, just get what I can. I want to look up the record for tackles by a cornerback. I haven't did it yet, but I want to beat that.

WR Marshay Green: (On the game) We struggled a little bit in the second half and didn't finish the way we wanted to. We put together some drives, but didn't execute when we needed to at the end. (On grading the offense) We had about a C-, but we did enough good things to give us some hope and the things we didn't do right are correctable. Memphis put all their defenders in the box to stop our great running back and that opened things up for the passing game some, but we didn't capitalize on it like we should have. I had a bad fumble taking us out of one great drive and things like that. You can't do those things at this level. Seth Adams played a very good game for his first game, but we didn't help him the way we should have in some situations. Overall, it was a decent start but there are things to correct to get better.

DE Marcus Tillman: (On the win) I am relieved we won because we didn't do a very good job on defense in the second half. We couldn't get ourselves off the field. It came down to the last play and we were able to defend that well, but after the first half we didn't do a good job on defense. (On the flow of the game) It didn't surprise me that they kept coming at us, but it surprised me we didn't respond the way we should have. I don't know if we got a little satisfied or what with the big lead, but it almost bit us. We had everything going for us and then all of a sudden we lost our momentum. We had a couple of turnovers that changed things, but we are supposed to overcome those things. The first half was nearly perfect. We played great defense for the most part in the first half and then we let down in the second half for some reason. (On his interception) I was dropping into a short zone and I think the ball was tipped. I can catch the ball. When I got a chance, I snagged it. I thought I might score, but some fast guys caught me. It was exciting though.

DT/LB Chris Strong: (On the win) It feels good. My first win. I just came out and did what the coaches asked me to do. We had a tight game, but we managed to pull it out. (On the mindset of being up big early and having to hang on late) They started coming back on us after halftime. We just had a little talk there on the sideline and managed to pull it out. (On playing more than one position in the game) Since I'm 282 pounds and playing linebacker and D-tackle, on certain defenses I play one or the other. When they need a pass rush, they put me down and let me go get the quarterback. I got winded one play.

DB Kendrick Lewis: (On the play of the defense) I thought we played pretty well. There are a few things we need to fix. We have to watch film and see what we need to do to get better. (On the punt block that led to a touchdown) In practice we get to a lot of them. Everyday we come out and the whole team blocks punts. That's something we try to perfect. It came through today because we were prepared. (On the game basically coming down to a missed two-point conversion for Memphis to tie it) I was like "Let's bow up." I was just thinking about stopping 'em.

WR Mike Wallace (On the difference in the Rebel offense from half one to half two) We should have scored more. We stopped ourselves more than they stopped us. We just have to finish. That's our theme. We have to finish our drives. We got down into the red zone too many times and didn't finish our drives. Luckily our defense came to play today, and that helped us out a lot. (On anything Memphis did differently defensively in the second half) They did a few things but nothing major. I guess we got too comfortable with a 23-0 lead. They came back out to play the second half and it was like we didn't. We learned again today you have to go the whole game. (On the play of QB Seth Adams) Seth was good today. He made some real good throws. He was even better than I thought. I knew he would be good but he was even better. (On building off a win instead of a loss) It's much easier. We will be more comfortable now with a win. Everybody wants to move on after a win and not a loss.

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