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The Rebel offensive line did not live up to their expectations against Memphis, but Right Tackle Maurice Miller says corrections are being made. Read about it inside.

Junior Right Tackle Maurice Miller was like most Ole Miss "folks."

He was happy with the Rebs' pass protection against Memphis in the 23-21 season opening win, but not real giddy about the run game and the OL's part in it.

"We did not have the game we were expecting with our run game," said Mo. "We studied their schemes a lot, but they threw a few new things at us and we didn't handle them well. We didn't communicate the way we should have.

"We felt good going into the game, but we did not do the one thing we have worked so hard on - communicating better. Lack of getting our calls communicated led to a breakdown here, a breakdown there and poor run plays."

But Maurice feels everything is correctable.

"We watched the film and could see where we were messing up and it was all so simple. We will get it worked out, for sure," he said. "Coach (Art) Kehoe let's us tell him what we did wrong and how to fix it. Then he tells us if we are right or wrong. We knew everything we did wrong on film and he agreed with all our ways to correct things - 100%. So I definitely think everything we did poorly is fixable provided we communicate."

Miller was excited about the improvement the Rebel OL showed in pass protection.

"We have more experience this year and we are doing some different things in our protection package to help us," Mo added. "After last year of having such a disappointing year in pass pro, we have committed ourselves to improving that phase of our game and it showed for most of the Memphis game. We took a good step forward against Memphis and will build off that."

What does Maurice think about the Missouri defense?

"I didn't play against Missouri last year, but I was on the sidelines watching. They ran a lot of cover two and pulled their safeties up for run support. They didn't respect our passing game and put all their emphasis on stopping the run with eight men near the line of scrimmage," he explained. "They did a real good job of shutting us down. Their defense was aggressive and effective against us last year.

"They have good real good defensive tackles and one real good defensive end I noticed. Their linebackers are also active," he closed. "We will have to play better than we did against Memphis, and do it for four quarters, against Missouri."

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