Jamal Mosley still solid?

Jamal Mosley (TE, Memphis, TN) - The State of Tennessee started their season Friday's back, and Kingsberry has had two different results.

"We got beat by MUS last Friday by eleven, 28-19," commented Jamal Mosley. "We beat Central like 35-18 the week before."

How did Mosley do against MUS?

"I had 4 catches for 58 yards and a TD. Against Central, I had 2 catches for 42 yards and a TD."

How would Mosley rate his play so far?

"About an 8 on a scale to 10 because I am blocking extremely well. Our RB got over 200 yards last game. I have not been getting many touches, but it is all good.. I think I am a better blocker than I was last year."

Any new offers from the Memphis standout?

"No sir, but Georgia Tech is coming on me hard now. They called my coach two weeks ago and said they were coming to see me play and were probably going to offer me."

Colleges started calling the prospects again on Saturday and Jamal heard from three.

"I have been talking to Ole Miss a lot and Georgia Tech a couple of times. I have also talked to Memphis a couple of times. They called me right before they started against Ole Miss, and Ole Miss called me on Sunday."

What did Memphis have to say?

"They wanted me to come see how they get the ball to their WR's and how Ole Miss does not."

Jamal had a chance to take in the Ole Miss/Memphis game and left us with this impression.

"I am open to everybody. I am feeling good about Memphis, but I am still committed to Ole Miss."

How can one feel good about a school and be committed to another school?

"I am saying that I am still looking, but I am still committed. I do not know, I am still looking around."

What did Ole Miss have to say to Jamal?

"Well, they called me like an hour before the game, but I missed it, so they called me back on Sunday. They just said that they wanted to keep in touch and said one of their TE's got hurt, so they are going to need a freshman to come in and play next year."

Anymore college games on tap?

"I am going down to Ole Miss on September 22nd when they play Florida. That is about it. Georgia Tech wants me to come to their home opener but I do not have a ride."

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