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DC John Thompson said his group had too many breakdowns, but did a nice job in the fiorst quarter and in the second half. OC Dan Werner was pleased the way the offense moved the ball, but critical errors hurt badly in the end. Read what the Rebel coordinators had to say about the 38-25 loss to Missouri Saturday night inside.

Offensive Coordiantor Dan Werner's Ole Miss offense rolled up 534 yards of total offense in the 38-25 loss to Missouri Saturday night.

QB Seth Adams threw for 305 yards and three touchdowns.

Senior TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis rushed for 226 yards, the fifth-highest total in Ole Miss history.

The Rebel offense made a game of it despite a 35-7 deficit and seemed to move the ball at will on the Tiger defense in the second half.

But what stuck in his craw after the contest - besides losing, which is always number one on any coaches' chart - were the critical mistakes the Rebels made.

"We had two crucial turnovers when we were going in to score - one early and one late. We lost by two touchdowns," he said. "Do the math, you know.

"From my standpoint, I like the way we moved the ball and the total yards and putting up some points, but I'd rather get no yards and win 3-0 than gain over 500 and lose."

Werner did find some bright spots, when pressed to talk about the positives.

"I thought Seth did a real nice job. He took what Missouri gave him. They were playing way off our receivers early, so he took the underneath throws. Then they started biting up some in the second half, tightening up their coverages, so he threw it over the top," Dan stated. "The bomb to Mike Wallace (68 yards) was an audible. We had talked at the half that if Missouri continued to bring their coverage in, to check to a deep ball, give the defender a pump fake and let it fly. He threw a beautiful ball. He threw two or three excellent medium-to-long balls. That will help us in the long haul. Defenses will have to respect that part of our game now, I believe."

Dan was also very pleased to get the running game going after the opening game of the year against Memphis where the run game was not very productive.

"We just dug in on the running game harder this week in practice. We take pride in the running game and we were not pleased with last week's performance, so we worked hard on it all week. Our offensive line stepped it up tonight and so did our backs and it clicked some," he continued. "And I think the fact that Missouri had to play the pass honestly also opened things up some in the run game.

"BenJarvus was excellent. The holes were there and he ran hard. That will happen when you are two-dimensional like we were most of this game. Now we just have to figure out a way to do those things for a complete game. We'll keep working at it until we get it right. We have shown signs in both games so far of being a good offense, but turnovers have hurt us badly both games. Good offenses don't turn the ball over like that, especially in the Red Zone, which we have done in both games."

Dan said he was very pleased the Rebs battled back after hitting a lull in the first half.

"We drove down and got in scoring position, but fumbled, but we didn't hang our heads. The next time we got the ball, we scored and then we kind of lit it up in the second half," he assessed. "The kids never once considered a woe-is-me demeanor, even after getting way down. They kept battling. If they will continue to do that, we will get it right and we will stop making those errors that have been so costly to us.

"We will build on the positives of this game, correct the mistakes and come out with a good game next week. It's coming. I feel better about some things, obviously, but we still have work to do. Number one is to eliminate the critical errors, namely turnovers. We didn't have but two tonight, but that was two too many and they were both huge in the game, particularly the first one driving in down only 14-0."

On the defensive side of the ball, DC John Thompson wasn't going to say anything about his group without first recognizing the Rebs' opponent - most notably Missouri QB Chase Daniel, who threw for 330 yards and five TDs on the night.

"Obviously, Chase is a very, very good player. He beats you with his feet, his arm and, more than anything, his brain. They did a lot of good things against us and my hat is off to them," said Thompson.

After a scoreless first quarter, the bottom fell out for the Rebs in the second stanza when Missouri could do no wrong and scored 28 points headed into the locker room.

J.T. saw things start to unravel when WLB Jonathan Cornell was injured late in the first quarter.

"Jonathan was making all our calls to all their different looks, especially in our three-down package, and when he went out it took us a while to get the calls right and get adjusted. We gave up some big plays that we shouldn't have due to some busts. We were slanting up front and having to make the calls at the line of scrimmage. He was the one doing that and when he went out, it hurt. And for whatever reason, we got tentative after an excellent first quarter," Thompson stated. "A couple of times we had them backed up and it looked like we were going to get the ball back with great field position and bam, bam, bam - three plays and they are in the end zone. You can't do that."

Thompson was like Werner in his overall assessment of the game.

"We had a poor second quarter, but our kids came back in the second half with a real good performance and that's what we are going to look at this week. We are not going to look at our glass as half-empty," he closed. "We just kept battling and scratching. We didn't really change much. We simplified a little without Jonathan being in there to make some calls and nobody gave in. That's the bottom line.

"It was tough and Missouri is a real good team. It's hard to prepare for the option and the spread and the matchups we had with some of those players. We do not match up with those two tight ends - #82 (Martin Rucker) and #45 (Chase Coffman). They are strong, but we hung in there with them for three quarters of the game. Like I said, we went a little haywire in that second quarter."

Thompson was disappointed in the pressure applied to Daniel for the most part.

"We thought we had a good pressure package and scheme devised, but there were times we executed it tentatively and just didn't get there when we should have," he continued. "I was disappointed with that in the second quarter particularly.

"The spread is a tough offense to defend when you have a triggerman like Daniel. He just handles the game so well. And we ran out of skill people. We needed a couple of more DBs tonight to handle it and we didn't have them. You have to play a nickel and dime and three-man front a lot when you are spread out like that, but you can't give up the big play when you are in those coverages. We have to get that fixed and we will."

In the opener, the Rebel defense was on the field 96 plays. Against Missouri, 80 plays. Does that kind of wear and tear concern Thompson for the long haul?

"I'm more concerned giving up 559 yards than I am the number of plays. We were 9-16 on third downs - that's not good. In the first two games, we have not done a good job of getting ourselves off the field. We have to get off the field," he ended. "We just have to go play and get it right. I think we can get it done because these kids don't quit. That's a credit to Coach O - we keep going, that's our mentality. When we get it right, and we will, we will be hard to handle.

"What was amazing to me tonight is that we didn't get one turnover. We weren't even close, to be honest. I kept waiting on us to shake the ball loose, scoop and score, and ignite and we just didn't get it done. But we kept battling and that's what we'll preach this week in practice. This is not a sprint - it's a marathon, and we'll be standing at the end."

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