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The following are player comments after the 38-25 loss to Missouri in Oxford last night.

LB Ashlee Palmer – (On defensive difference between halves) After we saw how many points they put up on us in the second quarter, we dug in. I don't think that is the kind of defense we are. We are the type of defense that doesn't bow down to anyone. Our coach is the kind of guy that won't let us do that. We got our mistakes fixed. That was the problem in the first half - mistakes they took advantage of. (On Mizzou offense differences) We started slowing them down by the way we were covering and using our speed. We rattled him some, and he started making a few bad throws. (On allowing four 2nd quarter TDs) It is tough, but like I said, our coach preaches defense, so we have to go out regardless and do our job. We righted the ship in the second half, but the second quarter was us making a bunch of mistakes against an offense that feeds off mistakes.

QB Seth Adams – (On his day) We obviously started off slow, but we came out and finished hard. Me personally, I can't take that sack at the end. That just can't happen. It was the only sack of the day, and the offensive line did a great job, but you just can't let that happen in the final two minutes. What I am proud of is that everyone continued to battle the whole game. That's the sign of a team that will continue to get better because we'll work and fight to get better. The OL was great tonight, Benjarvus was special and the receivers made plays. It was fun when it started clicking. (On establishing a rhythm) Yeah, things were coming along, and our guys were making plays. We felt good. Throwing the ball, protecting well and making catches. (On the run game flourishing) It gives you all kinds of confidence in the world. His running really opens up the pass game. BenJarvus is a hard runner and tonight he had room to run and show how good he is. Last week, he could never get untracked. This week, there was no stopping him because he had daylight. (On stretching the field more) Tonight, it was just what they gave us. We were able to pick them apart. We made good checks at the line and made things happen. Coach Werner made some great adjustments at half and we were able to capitalize on some things he saw. It's fun finding some soft spots in a team's defense and exploiting them. We found a few tonight.

CB Dustin Mouzon – (On Chase Daniel) He is a great quarterback. I give it to him. He makes plays and never hurries, never rushes. (On the defense overall) I don't think we have too many flaws. Missed assignments here and there give up big plays. We have a great defense, and are coming along. The mental stuff has to get fixed.

LB Tony Fein – (On his night) We lost the game. That is the key. We lost the game. We need to regroup. There aren't any moral victories, but I can say that we stuck together and fought. Our heads weren't down at halftime. It was knowing what we had to do to get better. We went in and made adjustments. (On the Mizzou offense) Chase Daniel is a great athlete. He runs it very well and makes the right throws. Missouri was well prepared, but I think it was some stuff we didn't do. They made some great plays, but we missed some opportunities.

LB Jamie Phillips: (On replacing Jonathan Cornell) I thought I did OK. I could have done better and made some better adjsutments,but overall I think I did pretty good. I felt good about getting out there. I was ready to show what I could do on this level. (On Missouri's offense) They were tough. I have never played against a spread offense like that before. They get you one-on-one in the open field and you have to make a play - it's on you.

TB Benjarvus Green-Ellis: (On the run game) We were able to get it going on offense and it felt good. The passing game helped the run game and the run game helped the passing game. We threw a lot at Missouri and a lot of it worked tonight. When you get both going, offense is easy. When defenses have to play you honestly, you can move the ball and have room to operate the run game and the passing game. We were out of synch in the run game last week, but we hit a stride today. I think we can keep this up from here on out now. The OL fired off hard and low, the pass game was clicking and that opened it up for me to gain the yards (226) I did. (On being down 35-7 and still fighting) We aren't going to quit ever. We may not play well, but we are trying to. We play hard no matter what the score is. It's four quarters. You play. That's what it's all about. I don't care what else happens, we will not quit around here. Not going to happen. (On his fumble) I don't know what happened, but I was sick about it.

WR Mike Wallace: (On his night, 7 catches, 136 yards, 1 TD) I started off slow, but started making some plays. Everyone was making plays and I was just happy to be part of it. I had to keep my head in the game and knew eventually Seth would come back to me. After the 68-yard TD, things opened up for me and Seth kept finding me. (On Shay Hodge's comeback from injury) It's good to see him back. We need him. He's a playmaker. He kept his head up all the time he was injured and worked hard to get back as quickly as he could. Now he's back and producing. (On QB Seth Adams) Every week he gets better. He made some great reads and checks tonight and the deep ball he threw me was perfect. I don't know where the word got started he can't throw the deep ball - he does it all the time in practice. I'm glad he had the chance to show it in a game and shut that rumor off. He told me he was going to come to me with that play and it worked perfectly. All his hard work is starting to pay off. (On the offense) I think we made a big step tonight, but we still didn't win. The next step is to win. We need to do that now.

RG John Jerry: (On the OL performance) We did much better this week than last week, but we just gave everyone a small taste of what we can do. We have a long way to go, but we are headed in the right direction with this effort. We need to keep stepping it up. (On second half getting offense really going) We just played for our coaches. We have great coaches and we want to do well for them. We don't like it when they get blamed for something we do wrong. They put us in the right positions to win, but it's up to us to do it. We also finished in the second half. I think we can use this game as a stepping stone. We all have to remember this (season)is a long distance run and not a 100-yrad dash.

DT Peria Jerry: (On the second half effort being better than the first) We had to make some halftime adjustments. Missouri hit us hard in the second quarter with some new plays and we had to adjust to it. We made mistakes and they capitalized on them every time, it seemed. They were a good team and just played better than we did in the first half. In the second half, we clamped it down and played better. It's a shame we dug too deep a hole in the first half. (On the fight in the team) We have heart. People will realize that before all is said and done. We aren't going to quit. Personally, I don't care how far we'e down or up, I'm going to do all I can on every snap and my teammates feel the same way.

WR Marshay Green: (On the slow start versus Missouri) We didn't execute like we should have. Man, we had a great gameplan - the plays were there for us to make them, but we just didn't get in a groove until late in the second quarter when we drove a couple of times and finally scored once. Then, in the second half, you could feel the momentum shift. They couldn't stop us. We started making plays back-to-back-to-back and Missouri was reeling. We were just in too big a hole in the first half. (On the offense's confidence) We never want to lose, but the way we ended the game is a shot in the arm for us. We will take this game as a step forward and correct our mistakes. (On Seth Adams) I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. I think he is an outstanding QB. He controls the offense, he doesn't make mistakes, he throws a catchable ball with just the right velocity and he's gaining a lot of confidence. He is a very poised QB back there. He never appears to be rattled. He just plays and makes plays. He will only get better.

SS Jamarca Sanford: (On the first half) Everytime we made a mistake, Chase Daniel saw it and made us pay. Against an offense like theirs, with a QB who sees everything, you have to be mistake-free and we weren't in the second quarter. It cost us the game. We didn't do our jobs in the first half and we did in the second half. We believed we could correct our mistakes and come back, no matter how far down we were. (On shifting momentum) It's all about finishing and playing until the clock says zero around here. We knew we could turn it around if we quit making mistkaes and that's what we did. We knew we had to have a good second half to get back in it and that's what we did. The offense started clicking and that motivated us too to stop them.

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