Chris Garrett takes in Ole Miss game

Chris Garrett (QB, Tupelo, MS) - One of the top junior quarterbacks in the state of Mississippi had a disappointing game on Friday.

"We got beat by Grenada 45-28. We got up at half time and did not score another point," added Chris Garrett. "It was personally one of my worst games I ever played in. I think was 8-14 with a few int's and a TD. It was just one of those nights."

The opening game of the season was a lot better for the 6' 4 1/2", 220 pound signal caller.

"We went up to Covington (TN) and won 42-7. I was 9-11 for 192 yards and 3 TD's. I had two rushing TD's too."

As a sophomore, Chris won the starting job for Tupelo and put up some respectable numbers.

"I think I was 90-186 for 1,400 yards, 8 int's and 9 TD's. It was alright, but I could have done a whole lot better."

What are Garrett's strengths?

"My size and my accuracy are the biggest thing. I just think my knowledge of the game because I have been playing for so long. This year I think I am not out there guessing like I was last year. I know what I am doing. My arm strength is a lot better. I just know what I am trying to do with the offense. I also have a great tailback to help me out, so he takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders."

The running back that Chris is referring to is Ole Miss commit, Ken Davis.

"To me, I think he is the best running back in the state and maybe the country. You do not see too many 6' 2", 220 pound backs that can run a 4.3 forty. You can not arm tackle him or he will take it off (laugh). Ken runs so strong. What people do not realize about him is that he is a great leader. He takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders. I know I do not have do too much with the ball as long as he is behind me. I can not imagine not having him on my team. He has helped my development out so much."

College recruiters have certainly taken notice as Chris already holds three offers.

"The first offer I got was from Ole Miss a week or so back, and then MSU sent me one a few days after that. Then I got one from Colorado on Friday. Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU, Virginia, Wisconsin are also keeping in contact with me."

Was Chris surprised when he got his first offer from the Rebels?

"I couldn't believe it. I worked hard my whole life to play D1 ball. It was great that all of my hard work paid off. Ole Miss was actually the first one to give it in writing, but MSU told me two summers ago that I had one. I grew up a MSU fan, but I am still very interested in Ole Miss. I went to their game Saturday and really enjoyed it. I really like the coaches at Ole Miss. That is what I like about Ole Miss, their coaches."

Was this Chris' first Ole Miss game to attend?

"As a recruit it was, but I have been to a couple of their games before. I had already seen their campus and seen just about everything there is to see. I already knew they had one of the best facilities in the SEC. But this was the first time I got to get on the field and see how their fans react. It was really cool to see all of that."

What did the Ole Miss coaches say to Garrett at the game?

"Coach Freeze said they really want me there, and I could be the next Eli Manning, and that everyone would support me. He always keeps everything real positive. Their whole staff is just always real positive."

What did Chris enjoy the most about the trip?

"What stood out the most to me was the energy of their whole staff. I have never seen anything like it. I could not believe how into the drills they were before the game started. They are just all about football over there."

Does Garrett try to separate the fan (grew up a MSU fan) in his recruitment, or does it spill over?

"I love MSU and all, but I have got to go to the best situation that fits me the best. That is what it is going to come down to."

And what are the factors that Chris is looking at when he is trying to find the best fit?

"Their coaches, facilities, the education aspect of it, where I will be living, and the fan support, just all of that."

Which games will Garrett attend next?

"Well, I have already been to Alabama and Ole Miss, and I am going back to Alabama this Saturday to see them play Arkansas. Tennessee wants me to come to a game of theirs, but it is like 7 or 8 hours away, so that is going to be tough, but I am going to see what I can do. LSU wants me to come also, and I will definitely go that one. I will also go see MSU play sometime this season."

Which college camps has Chris attended?

"I went to the Tennessee, Alabama, and MSU camps this summer, and last summer I went to the LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, and MSU camps."

When Chris drives over to Tuscaloosa this weekend; what will he be looking at while he is on his visit?

"When I went over there to see them play Western Carolina, I loved everything about it. It was awesome."

When did Garrett's interest in Alabama start?

"I have been really interested in them since I went to their game against Florida two years ago, and they beat them like 31-7. The atmosphere was crazy. I have loved Alabama ever since."

What stands out with the Tide?

"Their tradition, of course Nick Saban, and I like their stadium and all of their facilities are really nice."

What about Tennessee?

"I went up to their summer camp for a day and threw in front of Coach Cutcliffe. I looked over at their stadium, and it was awesome. I was just in awe. Their campus is beautiful too. I especially like the coach Matt Luke. He is a real nice guy. We can relate to one another. I just like the whole program at Tennessee."

And LSU?

"Their facilities are really nice. Coach Miles is a good man. I just like the tradition they have. They are #2 in the country. You know you are going to win big if you go to LSU."

What are MSU's positives?

"I have been going to their games my whole life. They were the first school to start recruiting me. I love Coach Croom and the way he treats his players. There is just something about it that I like."

Chris was quoted as stating that his father wanted him to go ahead and commit to MSU; does he feel any family pressure to ink with the Dogs?

"They just feel the best situation for me is to go to MSU, but in the end, they want me to go to where I want to go. It is not pressure. It is just where they want me to go, but it is up to me."

Garrett explains why his parents feel like MSU is the best for for him.

"They think Coach Croom is a good man, which he is, and they think I can get some early playing time if I go there, quicker than anywhere else. Plus, my brother goes to school there. He does not play any sports or anything, but he just started school at MSU, so it would be easy for my parents to see me play every Saturday if I went there."

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