Kyle Barbeck talks about official to Ole Miss

One of Baseball America's Top 100 rising seniors took in his fourth and final official visit this past weekend.

"My trip to Ole Miss was fun. I enjoyed their campus. I liked the town of Oxford, and I liked the players I met on the team. It was fun," added Kyle Barbeck.

A decision could be coming in the near future.

"I will probably take the next week to two to really think about it, but I definitely can see myself playing at Ole Miss, so we shall see."

Barbeck had a better than expected trip to Ole Miss.

"I think it was better than what I was anticipating. I had always heard good things about it before we went down there, but I was really impressed with their campus and how close knit all of their players and students are. The freshman dorm is also right in the middle of everything. They have a lot of baseball history down there, and they are making some renovations to their stadium.. Their coaches were awesome too. Everything was just a little better than I was expecting."

Barbeck learned something new about the City of Oxford and Ole Miss during his trip.

"I did not realize the town was that small, and when school is in session, it likes doubles or triples the town's population. They only have like 14, 000 residents there, and when school is in session, it goes up to 30,000 because of their students. I guess you can say it is a true college town."

Kyle wanted to get a feel for the Ole Miss players and coaches while on his trip.

"That is what I liked most, just getting to know the players and coaches. All of their players just seemed like people like myself, real down to earth. Coach Bianco is doing great things over there. Plus, Coach Bianco coaches the pitchers too, along with Coach Lafferty. That gives you two pitching coaches. They have a freshman on their team, Matt Tracy, that I pitched against in the state semifinals, so we talked about that game and just had a lot of fun together. He showed me around the town and campus."

For now, Kyle is wide open.

"I was not leaning in any one direction before I went on this trip, and I am still open. I am going to give myself a week or two to think about things, and then I will call the coaches all let them know of my decision."

Barbeck is down to Wichita State, Missouri, Arizona State, and Ole Miss. He had the following things to say about each school.

"Missouri is on the rise, and they have a couple of talented pitchers coming in this year, so it would be a good place to pitch. If I go there, they only have 4 LHP's."

"Wichita State, Coach Kemintz, is well known for developing pitchers and getting them drafted high."

"Ole Miss has two pitching coaches, and I also like the town. It is kind of like Wichita State, but not really. Football is not the greatest at Ole Miss, but the students said when it is baseball season, it is crazy. They said it might not be as crazy as football, but when it is baseball season, they know they are going to win. They are the only team besides Texas that has hosted a Regional the last four years, or something like that."

"Arizona State, obviously their history is big, but they only have 1 or 2 LHP on their squad. Plus if I go there, I can come in there and pitch as a freshman. I want to pitch as a freshman anywhere I go, but I know I will if I go to ASU."

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