Practice Report, Tuesday

As the third game of the year - a meeting with Vanderbilt in Nashville Saturday at 6 p.m. - draws nearer, the Rebels worked on their gameplan for their upcoming opponent. Read about it inside.

Coach O: We put the gameplan in for Vanderbilt, both offensively and defensively. The guys worked very hard today. It was a normal Tuesday for us.

Q: Can you go over some of the stuff you mentioned Monday, such as working on tackling and whether or not you have seen the improvements you are looking for?

Coach O: We worked on it yesterday and today. We worked on it a lot. We worked on the fundamentals and why we missed the ones we did. We'll see Saturday if it paid off. We had a lot of drill son tackling today.

Q: Have you narrowed down any of your changes at linebacker or in the secondary that you mentioned might take place?

Coach O: We are still experimenting. We're not ready to say anything right now. Nobody has really popped out or solidified anything yet.

Q: How do you stop a receiver like Earl Bennett?

Coach O: You have to know where he is at all times and what type of routes he runs. We also have to help the coverage by rushing the passer. We did pretty good on him last year, but he is really good. He has 17 catches so far and the closest receiver to him on the team has three, so you know they are going to him. We have a couple of things we are working on, but Vandy has a good coaching staff. You try to take away too much and they hit you with something else that can hurt you. You can't just look at Bennett. You really just have to play good, solid defense.

Q: What are some of their other threats?

Coach O: Sean Walker is good - he's really fast. Last couple of games they have gone deep to him a couple of times. The running game is good because they spread you out and their QB is really good running the option. They spread it around very well.

Q: Talk about their two QBs - Nickson and Adams.

Coach O: We use Jevan Snead to simulate them both. He can be any kind of QB you want him to be and really had a good day today. There are not many differences between the two.

Q: Can you see the confidence of your receivers growing?

Coach O: Yes. They are giving us some solid stuff out there, really good right now. I would like to see Marshay Green make more plays. I haven't seen it receiving or in the return game like I know he can do it. I'm looking for him to have a breakout game soon.

Q: Talk about some of the local guys - Jamison Hughes, Zack Brent and Jamie Phillips.

Coach O: Zack is doing a tremendous job for us. He's playing center on the scout team, is a hard worker and is a tremendous young man. He's really a good character kid who I like a lot. Jamison is catching up. He has a lot of athletic ability, he just needs to learn the position, that's all. Both are really good kids.

Q: How is Johnny Brown progressing?

Coach O: Well, but he's dealing with inexperience issues right now. He has athletic ability but when you play deep and make a mistake, everyone notices and it's usually a big play. So we need to make sure he's able to do all his jobs before we put him out there a lot.

Q: How are the guys who did not play well against Missouri responding this week?

Coach O: Very well. We dealt with all that on Monday. It's over. It's a new week and we can't hold on to those things, win, lose or draw. It's tough for all of us to put it behind us, but you have to learn how to deal with it. We can't let it affect us the following week.

Q: Are you confident you can run the ball against Vandy, who has given up some yardage on teh ground in both their previous games?

Coach O: We didn't play very well against them last year, making only 7 first downs. They play us very well. We expect a tough battle, but I feel like we should be able to run the ball because we are talented there.

Q: Any wor don DE Kentrell Lockett yet?

Coach O: Not yet. He's close, but not yet. He wants to be out there, but I don't think he's quite ready yet.

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