Memphian chooses Ole Miss

Blair Wright (RHP, Memphis, TN) - The Rebels picked up a commitment from last year's top MUS pitcher in Michael Park. You can make that back to back years, as they picked up their top pitcher off of this year's team.

"I grew up liking Ole Miss," added the 6' 1", 200 pound Blair Wright. "I have been liking Ole Miss since I was a little kid. My dad went to school at Ole Miss, so I have been going down there my whole life. I bleed Red and Blue."

While being a fan of Ole Miss was certainly a selling point for Blair, there were other positives as well.

"Even if I would have grown up a Tennessee fan, I would have gone to Ole Miss because of their baseball program. I love Coach Bianco and those guys. They have gotten so much better since he has been there. I knew if I went to Ole Miss, I would have a chance to get to the World Series every year. That is a given now. I am all about winning, and Ole Miss gives me the best chance to win and win big."

Who else was involved in Blair's recruitment?

It was mostly Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Memphis. MTSU was also in there. It was mainly those schools because I was kind of under the radar because I had not pitched that much until Michael (Park) got hurt. Those were the ones that were calling me the most."

Blair's rise to prominence is an ironic one for both Blair and Ole Miss. Wright was actually a position player through his 10th grade season until Ole Miss signee, Michael Park, was injured.

"I was a position player until we got to the State Tournament (in my 10th grade season). I did really well. Then Michael (Park) got hurt so I kind of became a big part of our staff."

A big part is an understatement as Wright became the go to guy for MUS and finished the season with a 7-3 record, 1.75 ERA, 88 K's, 21 walks in 72 innings of work.

Wright is also a member of the prestigious Dulin Dodgers (AAU) staff.

"We went 10-0 and won the World Series this year. I pitched in three games and closed two and won one. That was the coolest thing I have ever been a part of."

Blair thinks of himself as more of a Greg Maddox than a Nolan Ryan.

"I am more of a movement pitcher than a power pitcher. I get a lot of nasty movement on my balls. I can get up to 90 MPH, but I am going to average in the 87-88 range. I get people out instead of K's. I get a lot of movement, a lot of sinking action, on my balls. I rely more on movement than speed."

It is not coincidence that Wright's best pitch is one that "moves".

"My slider is my out pitch. I get a lot of cut on it. It is pretty funky. I also throw a fastball, change up, and curve ball, but my slider, fastball, and change up are what I throw mostly. I am still working on my curve."

Wright carries a 4.1 GPA 31 ACT.

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