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Sophomore Cornerback Cassius Vaughn was riding high as the number one RCB at the end of spring, but between then and the season opener, he lost that status. Now, it seems likely, he has worked himself back to one of the top spots, or at the very least, more playing time. Read about it inside.

Cassius Vaughn, a sophomore cornerback out of Memphis, TN, knew why he was demoted in August from a number one corner slot he earned in spring training to a backup role when the Rebs opened the season against Memphis.

"My technique was just not good in August and I lost some consistency," said Cassius, who has now worked his way, Coach O said in his Monday press conference, to more playing time and even a possible start in the Vandy game. "I saw it coming because my technique just wasn't good. I understood it.

"I was not upset or depressed about it because in this program you have a chance to win or lose your job every day. You don't have time to mope. You compete and the best player wins. I wasn't the best player at that time and knew I didn't deserve to be a starter."

About two weeks ago, Cassius felt his technique and his consistency starting to return.

"For a while, I was not comfortable with my stance and doing what you have to do to play corner. I know that sounds like a small thing, but it's not. I started getting more comfortable in my techniques and started playing better and gaining back my confidence," he explained. "But it's not about me starting or not, it's about us winning games and about me doing my job.

"Who starts is not a big deal around here. Who is getting the job done is the big deal."

Right now, as the Vandy game rapidly approaches, it appears he's getting the job done and is penciled in as a bigger factor in the defensive gameplan.

All the Rebs, Vaughn said, are ready to put the Missouri game behind them and right the wrongs.

"Monday is about the truth," he said. "We go over everything we did right and wrong - truthfully with no holds barred. From there, we put that game behind us and move on, doing our best to correct our mistakes.

"We have to execute and tackle better - that's the bottom line. We worked hard on tackling this week. As a team, and as individuals, we have to do what we are taught to do. Not doing those things cost us in the Missouri game and we can't let that happen again."

Cassius said he's ready for whatever the coaches ask him to do, including covering one of the best receivers in the SEC, Vandy's Earl Bennett.

"You just have to do what you have to do and not worry about who you are covering. If he's my guy, he's my guy. I know he's real good, but it's our job to contain him and that's what we intend to do," Cassius continued. "We will study everything he likes to do and we will have to be aware of all his options."

Vaughn said the defense is motivated to do well this week after not doing a great job against Missouri.

"We have to do things better. That's all there is to it. People are going to make plays on us every week, but what we have to do is make more plays than them. We didn't do that against Missouri. They capitalized on our mistakes, which we made too many of, and we didn't capitalize on their miscues," he closed. "I think we will be ready for Vanderbilt."

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