Practice report, Wednesday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron watched his team progress toward its Southeastern Conference opener against Vandy Saturday at 6 p.m. with another productive practice. Read his comments about Wednesday's workout inside.

Coach O: We had a really good practice today. We worked a lot on third down situations. Our third down production on offense in the first half last week and our production on third down defense in the first half was not very good last week, so we worked a lot on that today. We hope to see an improvement on Saturday.

Q: With the depth issues you have at linebacker, how is Lamar Brumfield doing?

Coach O: We will work up to the game and see how he fits in. He hasn't played yet.

Q: How is CHris Strong doing?

Coach O: We spent a lot of time with him indivdually today to correct some fundamentals. In our system, MLB is pretty complicated. He's the QB of the defense. He has to call the front and react to certain things. He has some pass drops that are difficult. If he is out of position, the ball goes down the field. We have to make sure he's right.

Q: Is Jamie Phillips in Jonathan Cornell's place this week?

Coach O: They are all working. We don't know yet who is where. We'll make those decisions before game time. We're seeing how everyone is learning as we put segments of the gameplan in and we are seeing how they fit. It will just be a process now.

Q: Is Daverin Geralds working with the OL now?

Coach O: Lawon Scott and Ted Laurent are really coming on strong. Brandon Jenkins is doing a better job so we feel we have some depth on the DL. Toward the end of the game, we needed some type of rotation on the OL. Rishaw Johnson is going to be a good player, but he's not quite ready to go yet. We thought Daverin might be able to get ready quicker to give us some help on the OL.

Q: Is there any significance to Greg Hardy playing almost exclusively on offense today?

Coach O: We will play him wherever we need him.

Q: How has the kicking game done so far this week?

Coach O: We have worked on it very hard this week. We are still a little spotty. We have tried some new guys in some new positions to get the best available personnel out there. We need to pick it up there. We are not having a very good year on special teams and I'm disappointed in what is happening. We have to pick it up.

Q: Is Ashlee Palmer OK? He looked a little banged up today.

Coach O: He will be fine. He's doing real good so far this year. He's making a lot of plays. Ashlee is really quick and has done a good job for us this year.

Q: How is Cassius Vaughn handling more PT?

Coach O: He's doing OK. We'll find out more Saturday.

Q: You were stressing turnovers today in practice. How did that go?

Coach O: We had a really good day on defense today. We were disappointed we didn't get any against Missouri. Our goal is three a game and we didn't get any. It wasn't for lack of effort - we just didn't get any.

Q: Who is Vandy's best defensive player?

Coach O: Their DE - Curtis Gatewood. He's a good player.

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