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Sophomore Tailback Cordera Eason would like to be playing more, as all competitive footbal players would, but he's OK with waiting his turn and learning from his older teammates in the Rebel backfield. Read about it inside.

Sophomore TB Cordera Eason said the task ahead of him revolves around patience.

"I had to learn patience on the field in terms of my running skills, waiting on the holes to open and being more patient with my reads," said Eason, "and I've had to learn patience in terms of waiting my turn to get on the field much."

Eason got his first carry of the 2007 season against Missouri - a two-yard loss. Like everything, he's taking that as a learning experience.

"I just want to get my feet wet this year and keep learning. Special teams, getting a carry here and there - it's all good. I'm trying to stay ready if I'm called on this year and prepare myself from next season when BenJarvus (Green-Ellis) and Bruce (Hall) graduate.

"I'm learning a lot from them right now. Sure, I want to play, but I also want what is best for the team and Ben is best for the team right now. Maybe I'll be what's best for the team next year. We'll see."

Eason couldn't resist looking into the future a bit when he saw gaping holes being opened for BJGE in a 226-yard rushing performance against Mizzou.

"We'll have everyone but Corey (Actis) back on the OL next year. Jason Cook will be back at fullback. There's no reason we can't get a great running attack going," Cordera noted. "I'm hungry and I feel ready right now. There are things to work on, for sure, but if I'm called on I will get the job done."

Eason says he learns every day from BenJarvus.

"He shows me things in the film room and works with me in practice all the time. We talk on the sidelines in games. I couldn't ask for a better mentor," Cordera added. "He's also been important to me with my patience on waiting my turn.

"When I came here I was used to being the man. I had the ball all the time at Meridian and I expected to come in and get it here a lot. But then you work with the guys already here and realize the reality that they are more mature and better than you are as a freshman. I never got depressed or deflated about it. I just realized what I have to do to get on the field."

Hall was injured and could not play against Missouri. His status for Vandy is unknown, but either way Cordera is ready to contribute in any way he can.

"I'm going to be mature about my situation. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I will do. Then when it is my turn, hopefully next year, I hope to be a role model for the guys coming in behind me," he ended. "Right now I'm on most special teams, and that's fun. As the year progresses, I'm sure I'll get more carries and get more and more used to game situations."

Green-Ellis believes Cordera is the future for Rebel running backs.

"Cordera works hard and pays attention. He takes the right approach to football. He watches and learns and then tries to apply what he's seen in practice," BJGE stated. "I think he's ready to play now but so far the circumstances have not been right for him to get in a lot.

"He'll be eral good when he's called on, either this year or in the future."

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