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After not producing like they expected to against Memphis, the Rebel running game exploded against Missouri. Center Corey Actis knows why. Read about it insdie.

The Rebel offensive line, backs, tight ends and offensive coaches were not very happy after the Memphis game about the Ole Miss rushing game, which was supposed to be the bell cow of the offensive attack this year.

In the week leding up to the Missouri game, they went back to basics and got it right.

The end result against Mizzou was 229 yards rushing on 34 carries for a 6.0 per carry average.

"We were more assignment-sound, we finished blocks better and we communicated a lot better," said senior Center Corey Actis. "It also helped that our passing game was clicking and we were able, as an offense, to keep Missouri balanced and spread out more on defense."

Actis said it was also a matter of attitude.

"We came out of halftime getting our butts kicked 28-7 and we didn't want it to end up like it did last year against them," he continued. "We tried to come out there and prove something. I think we got the point across, even though we lost."

Actis is not totally pleased with the offense to this point, but he thinks they are heded in the right direction, starting with Quarterback Seth Adams.

"What I liked the most about the Missouri game was that Seth was checking a lot at the line of scrimmage and he was making correct checks," Actis added. "Then, he was executing his checks by calling the correct routes and making good throws.

"That means a lot to an offense. It means you are not wasting a play. If a run play is called and there are nine guys in the box and you can't check off, it's basically a wasted play. When you check off correctly and make a play, you don't waste a down and you force the defense to play honest.

"Seth was really good with that versus Missouri."

Last season, the Rebels were only able to muster a paltry seven first downs against Vanderbilt. Actis said the Reb offense will do everything in their power to avoid that kind of performance again.

"Vanderbilt has a good defense. They hve a really good defensive end, so Michael Oher is going to be challenged, but we have faith in him. Their DL is good - they are solid on defense overall, but we think we can move the ball if we do things correctly," he said. "We got a little confidence in the Missouri game, but we still lost, and that's what is important. We have to change that and get another game in the win column."

Part of the confidence factor up front is having FB Jason Cook and TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis behind them.

"Jason is like a sixth OL. He's an extension of us and he does a great job. We know if we miss something Jason is going to pick it up and BenJarvus is going to make yardage beyond the first hit," Corey assessed.

The Rebel offense is determined to build off the Missouri game, according to Actis.

"Every game is big. We need a win this week. It's our first SEC game, which gives it a little more importance, but our mindset is that every game is huge. We just want to win and get better every week in the process," he closed. "We will give vandy our best shot, just like we do every week."

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