' 09 running back is making noise

Tracy Lampley (RB, Waynesboro, MS) - Quick trivia. Which junior led the high classifications (5A/4A) in rushing yards last season?

The answer would be Wayne County's pint sized tailback, Tracy Lampley, as he rushed for 1, 340 yards and 22 TD's. Even more importantly, he led his team to the Class 4A State Championship.

"The only game we have ever lost since I have been here is to West Point in my 9th grade year," added Tracy Lampley.

It is unusual for a 9th grader to be much of a contributor, much less a starter, for a traditional power house program like Wayne County.

"I got the stating job my 9th grade season and rushed for 741 yards and 15 Td's. It was hard getting many touches with us having QB Drexler Johnson, WR Marquese Ray, and WR Ken Whigham, but it taught me to become a receiving tailback. I had 28 catches that year too."

Tracy has gotten off to another hot start this season as he rushed for 95 yards and a TD against George County and 149 yards and 3 TD's against Louisville, while also catching 2 passes for 71 yards and a TD.

"My goal is to rush for over 3, 000 yards and 30 TD's this season. And of course, to win another state championship."

Wayne County is actually the last team to beat South Panola five years back in the 5A State Championship game.

"That is what really got me eating, drinking, and sleeping football. I was on the sidelines when we beat South Panola. That was the best game I have ever watched. I wish we could play them again. We were all hoping we were going to move back up to 5A this summer, but our enrollment was just short."

Tracy credits his success to one thing.

"My dedication to the game. I probably watch 20 hours a week of film. Everybody on our team calls me nerd."

Tracy is small in stature (5' 8", 173) but he more than makes up for it with his speed.

"I feel like I hit the hole like Reggie Bush, but they say I run like Tomlinson too. I am a mixture of both, quick like Bush but powerful like Tomlinson."

Which player does Tracy most look up to?

"That would probably be Steve Gandy. I just like how hard he worked and dedicated himself. He took football like a job. That is how I look at it."

Some people are saying that Wayne County has the top junior backfield in the state with RB Tracy Lampley and QB Calvin McDougle. What does Tracy think about this?

"I feel like that is true because we have been playing together since pee wee. He is my first cousin. We know what the other is going to do without even saying it. I feel like we can be the best duo in Mississippi."

Which colleges have caught Lampley's eye?

"I like Auburn, MSU, Alabama, USC, FSU, and Ole Miss. I pretty much like all of the SEC schools."

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