Coach O - 'Disappointed in the way we played'

The following is Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's postgame press conference at Vanderbilt.

Orgeron: Well, we're disappointed in the way we played tonight. We're not making any plays on special teams. Our kickoff team has to change their field position. They start way, way too much upfield for us. I thought we made some adjustments on defense. We came back and we stopped them, especially in the redzone. They missed a couple of field goals that gave us a chance to do something. We just couldn't get the run game going. Our protection wasn't very good at all. Pleased to see Mike Wallace make some big plays. Other than that I was really, really displeased with our performance tonight. We didn't play the way we're capable of playing. That first drive they went down and scored. We didn't do anything on offense, but we kept fighting. We're going to have to change. We're going to have to get better. We were not a very good team tonight.

Q: Obviously you expected more from your run game based on their run defense.

O: They sent their outside linebackers. We missed some blocks. We got outphysicaled up front. I was really surprised that happened. They did a good job scheming us. I know our guys worked very hard on their blitzes this week. The speed of their blitzes just beat us up front.

Q: Your team gave up a lot of sacks, too.

O: Lot of 3-4 zone blitzes. Outside linebackers coming. Missing ‘em. Backs on backers not making plays. Guards not making plays. Very disappointed in our protection tonight.

Q: There were a lot of tackles on your running backs from the back side tonight.

O: Yes there were. We have some things to counteract that, and those weren't working either. Their pursuit was heavy from the backside. There are something to counteract that. We just didn't do it.

Q: Why the switch to Brent Schaeffer? Is Seth Adams OK?

O: I don't know. He had to take himself out (of the game). We'll see. I'm not clear right now how he is.

Q: Talk about the frustration of watching them make long drives against you.

O: Really frustrating to see them drive the ball, run the ball and make some plays. We're very inexperienced at linebacker. We had some guys in there for the first time. Lamar Brumfield, Jamie Phillips, all those guys, and they're not quite the caliber of linebacker we're used to having here. Obviously there's a deficit there. They're going to be good, but they don't have the experience. There were a lot plays there tonight they should have made but they didn't.

Q: The early drive when Joshua Shene missed the field goal. That seemed to be really hurt your momentum.

O: No doubt. That always is. You want to points on the boards, especially the way our defense was playing. There were times in the first half when the game could have gotten away from us, and we didn't let it. We just needed something good to happen, and I'm disappointed the offense.

Q: You said Seth went out because of injury. Does this change anything in your quarterback situation?

O: Well, we don't know. Seth's the starter right now. I don't think he did anything wrong to take him away from the starting position. I don't know how bad the injury is. I think it's a little injury, but I'm not sure.

Q: What do you tell your team now that you've lose two games in a row and have Florida and Georgia up next?

O: Well you now, it's all about the truth. It's all about telling the guys the truth. I've got to take the responsibility of it all, and that's what I tell them. We've got to coach them better and we've got to play better. We've got to start better. For some reason the last two games we haven't started well. We'll find out and deal with this. We'll stick together as a team, there's no doubt about that. We've got a lot of ball left. I think you'll see our team get better as the season goes along. I know our guys will be fired up to play Florida.

Q: Talk about the poor tackling.

O: When you have great players, they tackle well. Great players tackle. When you have guys that are not really physically ready, or mentally ready to play at the speed of the game in the SEC. They kind of look like they're out of place. It's a combination of technique and physical ability. I think that's what you're seeing out there.

Q: BenJarvus Green-Ellis had six yards in the second half.

O: Very disappointing. Again the linebackers running through us running through us, not picking up the blitzes and schemes. There's no excuse for that, and we should have done a better job of that for BenJarvus. He's too good of a player.

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