Clarksdale star will attend OM/Florida game

Charles Mitchell (DB, Clarksdale, MS) -'s #8 overall prospect from Mississippi got the season off to a great start when he rushed for over a 100 yards, scored a TD, and made 9 tackles and 1 pick against Vicksburg.

But then last Friday against the Wildcats biggest Rival, South Panola, he left the game after the second play from scrimmage.

"Man, that might be the most disappointing moment in my career," added the always humble, Charles Mitchell. "My senior year, playing South Panola with a chance to break their winning streak. I just knew it was meant to be us. We were so ready, and then bam, I pull my hamstring in the first minute of the game. We didn't compete like we should have after I left the game."

Where does this leave Clarksdale's psychic?

"I think it takes things like that to make your team closer. I really do. I think we are closer now, and we are going to come out stronger next week against Greenwood and have a better season now. Everyone had their heads hung as low as it could possibly go after South Panola. We regrouped last week and had our best week of practice. We had a bye on Saturday, so it gave us a chance to just take a deep look at ourselves and go forward from here. We have all this week to correct some things, and I think we will come out playing our best ball on Friday."

Will Charles suit up against Greenwood?

"I have been rehabbing all week, and I am not feeling any pain. I think I will be good to go by Friday."

Charles has been playing Dog Safety and Running Back this season. Which position does he feel like his skills are best suited for?

"Really, cornerback because that is the position I will most likely be playing in college. To me, it is more fun at cornerback too. I have played it my whole life. I am getting some time at CB this year too."

Mitchell feels like he is a better player this year due to several factors.

"I am bigger, stronger, and faster. I really have not gotten a good chance to show it all yet. But I am smarter, much smarter. I know the game a lot better. I am just ready to play."

Which colleges have given the 5' 11", 196 pounder a call this month?

"MSU, Ole Miss, and USM."

Who calls weekly?

"Ole Miss."

What is Ole Miss telling Mitchell?

"They are telling me that they really want me to come down there and play. They are just telling me how much they love me, hoping I am coming. You know, the same old."

And MSU?

"They want me to come to a couple of their games like Alabama, Tennessee, and their homecoming game. I can not go to homecoming because I already had plans to go to Ole Miss this weekend, but I am going to make it to at least one of their games. They just wanted to make sure I am still interested in them. I told them that I am."

What are the Eagles saying?

"Coach Womack said they were going to come watch me play when they get on the road to watch some of the jucos in this area. He wanted me to come down to a game of theirs, and I am going down there on October 13th to see them play."

Anymore schools still actively recruiting Charles?

"I still get a lot of letters from Alabama and Oregon. Tennessee and Vandy have started writing a lot too."

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