OM RB commit feeling healthy again

Ken Davis (RB, Tupelo, MS) -'s #33 nationally rated running back had a frustrating start to his season due to back spasms.

"We were playing Covington in our first game, and I started having some pretty bad spasms in my back toward the end of the first quarter," added Ken Davis. "I kept playing, and ended up with 10 carries for 99 yards in the first half, but I had to sit out the second half."

Ken went to the doctor on the Monday after the opening game, went through therapy all that week, and participated in the Grenada game on Friday.

"Again, I just was not myself. I think I had about the same thing I did against Covington. I believe I had 9 carries for 94 yards and a TD. I only played in two quarters. My back was just hurting too bad.

After another round of therapy last week, the 6' 2", 230 pound began to start feeling better.

"Last Thursday, for the first time in three weeks, I started feeling a lot better. I do not know what happened, my back just was not nearly as sore and the spasms were not nearly as bad."

It showed on Friday as Ken simply tore through Amory's defense.

"I think I had 22 carries for 251 yards and 3 TD's. We played our best game against Amory. If felt good for the team to start playing up to his capability. I take a lot of responsibility for that because I have not been myself this year. I just pray that I can stay healthy from here on out."

How healthy is Ken now?

"I say I am around 75%."

Although Davis has had to go through some injuries in his career; he feels like he is playing his best ball now.

"I am just use to the game. I know our offense inside out. That is why I am better now than I was last year."

Ken committed to the Rebels as a sophomore in high school, but that has not stopped one particular college from trying to change his mind.

"Alabama calls me every week. They offered me a while back. They just really want me to come be their feature back next year."

Does Davis still consider himself firmly committed to the Rebels?

"Oh yea, I do. My family has a lot of history with that program. I have had some kins play over there, and it is so close to home. I also like the academic support they provide for their players. Alabama has a great school too, but Ole Miss is just the best fit for me now."

This weekend, Davis is set to take in an unofficial visit to Oxford.

"I am going to the OM/FL game with some of my teammates and family members."

What will Ken key in on during the game?

"I mainly want to see how they run their offense. I like more of a run offense with a passing game too. I want a balanced attack."

The Rebels top two running backs are seniors, and Ken knows he might be counted on to contribute early in his career.

"I know there is that chance that I might be the man next year. I just have to keep learning more about their offense and reading defenses. I am getting use to running the ball and reading blocks, so now I just need to learn more about reading defenses. I am an athlete, so it will not be a problem as far as just running and catching the ball. It will all depend on how quickly I can learn the defenses in college. That is when I will make my impact."

What is Ole Miss telling Ken when they speak on the phone?

"Coach Freeze just want me to focus on my season, enjoy it, and be ready to take it to the next level when I get over there."

What is Alabama's message when they talk?

"Coach Davis just wants me to keep my grades up. He just wants me to focus on my school work. When we talk, we do not talk about football, we just talk about me getting my grades up."

How are Ken's grades coming along?

"I am doing great this year. I am taking a couple of correspondence courses to get me caught up. Everything is going good, academically speaking."

Does Davis feel any added pressure knowing he has to perform at a high level in the classroom this year to qualify?

"Not really. I just take it day by day so I can do my best in school and on the field. I mean, yea, I think about it, but I try not to stress myself out too much. I have to take it day by day, or you will get yourself all stressed out about it. This is the first time I have taken classes outside of school, but I am handling it well. I am going to take my class load this semester, see how it turns out, and do what I have to do next semester to get myself qualified. That's just what I have to do."

In the meantime, Tupelo faces Madison Central this Friday and Ken has two goals in mind.

"I want us to come out of there with a win, and I want to come out of the game without any new injuries (laugh). I am just trying to get through the season on a healthy note."

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