Henry arrives at Ole Miss

Terrance Henry (PF, Monroe, LA) - Carroll's head coach, Chris Oney, has seen a lot during his basketball career and coaching days.

Chris played in the SEC at Ole Miss ('95 - '98) and won multiple SEC West titles. He then realized that making money, while playing, was not in the cards, so he did the next best thing.

"I got into coaching," added Coach Oney. I knew there was a much better chance at me making a living coaching than playing (laugh)."

During his playing days at Ole Miss, he had a teammate named Ansu Sesay that was named the SEC Player of the Year.

Coach Oney believes he is now coaching another Ansu Sesay.

"Terrance Henry is probably 6' 9 ½", 185. He is going to have to gain some weight for the next level. There is no question about that. But Terrance has the frame that can put on good weight. He has everything you want. He is as long as someone that is 7' 4", active, quick, can dribble, and can shoot lights out. I tell you who Terrance reminds me of, and that is Ansu Sesay. When Ansu entered our program, he was long, lean, and really highly skilled. That is what you are going to get with Terrance. Once he gains some experience and weight, the sky is the limit."

That "sky" could one day involve the NBA.

"Terrance is just a unique player. With his size, you can't say he is just a perimeter player because he can also go down low and post you up and block your shot. He is an athlete that can push plays like a guard, but if a team wants to slow it down, he can go down low and post you up. Everybody says he will be a NBA player one day because he has the skills that are unique that only the NBA players have."

Coach Oney is just as high on Terrance as the person as he is the player.

"That is the thing about Terrance, I do not have to sit here and make things up to boost his character. He is just a super kid that is honest, respectful, works hard, never been in trouble in school, and is a good student that is working hard to become a qualifier. I wish we had a thousand Terrance Henry's at our school, as the person, not the player. Obviously, as the player, those types of kids do not come around very often with the skills that he has on the basketball court..

Scout.com's #18 nationally rated power forward still has room for improvement.

"As I said before, Terrance will have to get bigger and stronger to play in a conference like the SEC or any major conference. But other than that, it is just about getting comfortable at the position they are going to put him. I do not know where they are going to put him yet. It could be out on the perimeter or down low. Obviously, if he goes down low, he will need to put on more weight than if he stays on the perimeter, so that has yet to be determined. But where ever they put him, he needs to get comfortable. And I think the best thing for him is to come right in and play. The skills that are on the tips of his game, if you sit around a couple of years, they will get rusty and you do not know how long it will take to get them back. To play on the next level (NBA), he needs to play right away."

Terrance averaged 26 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocked shots a game for 24-10 Carroll. They were defeated in the second round of the playoffs by one point. That has left a bitter taste in Coach Oney's mouth.

"Our goal is to win the last game we play each and every year I am here. Next year will be no different. With Terrance and the addition of Brandon Wilson, I think we have just as good of a shot as anyone else. We should be exciting to watch."

Henry looks to have narrowed down the recruiting process to five schools.

"Terrance has really enjoyed the recruiting process, but when he gets his mind made up, he sticks to it. Everyone recruited him, but he stuck with the 5 schools that he felt were the most loyal to him. That is Ole Miss, Arkansas, LSU, Kansas and Kentucky. We have not put this out yet, but he is crossing out Kentucky and putting Miami in their place because Kentucky never showed up for his in-home visit the other week. We are going to visit Miami instead of Kentucky now."

Terrance has all five of his visits lined up.

"He is going to Ole Miss this weekend (9/22), Arkansas after that (9/29), then LSU on October 6th, Kansas on October 13th, and he was going to Kentucky on October 20th, but we are going to visit Miami on that date now."

Terrance blew up at the Vegas Showcase tournament this past summer and many more colleges tried to get into the game.

"When he got back from that tournament, we heard from everybody. Schools like Boston College, Texas, Virginia, Southern Cal, but he said those five schools were going to be the ones he was sticking to."

First up on Terrance's visit schedule are the Ole Miss Rebels.

"First of all, the thing you look at is how involved is their head coach with Terrance's recruitment, and I can tell you that nobody has recruited Terrance harder than Coach Kennedy. He is very involved. Coach (Michael) White (who was a teammate of Coach Oney's at Ole Miss) has also done a great job with Terrance. The first day that the coaches were allowed to make contact with the players, as soon as the clock struck midnight, Coach Kennedy was on the phone with Terrance. He has been deeply involved in his recruitment, and that has really made an impression with Terrance. But most of all, it gives him a chance to play early, and he really likes Coach Kennedy's up and down style of play. The SEC is also a conference he has always wanted to play in since he picked up a ball."

Sticking with the SEC; LSU also brings in many positive factors.

"Well first of all, Terrance did a great job of narrowing it down to five, now it is where he feels the most comfortable. LSU made it to the Final 4 a couple of years ago, and they have done a great job at taking kids to the next level. It is the biggest school in our state. It would be a chance for him to play for his home state college. "

Arkansas is losing the bulk of its roster and is looking for Terrance to fill in an immediate need.

"Arkansas is losing 6 players. It is another opportunity to step in right away. Their coach came from South Alabama and coached under Billy Donavon at Florida. He is going to bring in his offense and push it up and down the court. That is another system for him to flourish in. It will come down to whether he wants to stay close to home and going to where he feels the most comfortable. He might venture off or he might not. We shall see."

If Terrance does decide to go way off, Kansas is the most likely destination.

"Kansas is just Kansas. It is one of the Top 3 programs of all time. If he were to venture away from home, Kansas would be at the top of his list. They also lose 6 of their players. He can come right in and play. They run a wide open style of play too. If you see a pattern here, you can say the same things about all five of these schools. They all give him an opportunity to come right in and play, and play in a wide open offense. Now it is time for him to visit all of these schools, see where he feels the most comfortable, and make a decision from there."

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