Practice report, Tuesday

The Rebels began their gameplanning work for Florida today after putting the loss to Vandy behind them on Monday. Read what Coach Ed Orgeron had to say about the workout inside.

Coach O: We had a good Tuesday preparation, working on Florida's option plays and preparing for what they do offensively and defensively. We worked on our punt team and PAT/FG team to get those better. We're getting ready for the Gators.

Q: What do you know about Florida DC Charlie Strong?

Coach O: He's a good man. He's a very solid football coach. He's done a good job there and is a good recruiter. I know Charlie and he's excellent at what he does. They run a real good defensive system with a good blitz package.

Q: Their defense lost nine guys off last year's team. What have you seen of them this year personnel-wise?

Coach O: They are really good. They are quick and sound and they play tough, good fundamental football. They have a lot of depth, especially in the secondary. They play a lot of nickel and rotate their corners keeping their guys fresh. They have some quick DL.

Q: How have the players responded this week?

Coach O: Really well. We have a system here. We dealt with the Vandy game yesterday and we put it away. The guys were great today. They are excited about playing Florida.

Q: How is the quarterback situation shaping up?

Coach O: Brent did OK today. Seth has not practiced yet, but I think he's going to practice tomorrow and I think he's going to play. If he's able to go, Seth's the guy.

Q: What has been your assessment of Seth to this point?

Coach O: He's done well, very well.

Q: How is the LB situation shaping up?

Coach O: We are doing everything we can to get them playing better and finding the right guys. We have made a lot of mistakes there. We have some guys, like Allen Walker, who are athletic but have not been consistent enough to play a lot to this point. We need to get some of them ready to roll.

Q: Has it been a situation where the defensive line is doing their job but the LBs just haven't cleaned things up well enough?

Coach O: Sort of. If you miss fits, you miss tackles. We missed a bunch of fits last week. The DL is doing an OK job, not great but OK, but we need to get the LBs involved in more plays. We had two linebackers make a lot of plays last year and we are missing them. We have to get our LBs producing more.

Q: Talk a little about Shay Hodge and what he's gone through with his young daughter passing away last spring and going through an injury this summer.

Coach O: He has grown up a lot. When that happened in spring, he was back in school two days later working out and going to class. That's amazing because his grades picked up and so did his work habits. Then he gets hurt and he still remains positive and comes back for the Memphis game. He's now one of our best players on the team - he's doing fantastic. You talk about a guy who has fought through some adversity, it's Shay. It is very valuable to have guys work through adversity because you are going to have that during a long season. The ones who fight through it are your real players. He's one of them.

Q: You talked Monday about kickoff coverage and kickoff returns. Any progress there yet?

Coach O: We practiced it yesterday and we usually don't do that on Mondays. We have worked some drills and are trying some new things. We miss Will Moseley, that's for sure, but there is no excuse for the (poor) coverage. The coverage should be a lot better. That's just fundamentals. We will work on it all week. I don't think it will get real good real fast, but hopefully we see some improvement. Our kick returns have been very poor, below average. Last year it was a strength for us and this year we are not making anything happen in that area.

Q: Are your special teams a shocker to you after the good production you got out of that phase last year?

Coach O: It is. The whole thing is disappointing except the punt team and the punt block team. It has to get better.

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