Will Alonzo Horton end up at OM afterall?

Alonzo Horton (DE, N' West CC, MS) - The former New Orleans prep star has had a long and windy road during his football career.

It started off with a bitter recruiting battle between the Rebels and Tigers in high school where Alonzo committed to Ole Miss, then he disappeared from everyone outside of his family during the last two weeks before signing day, and ended up signing with Auburn on signing day.

The former New Orleans product redshirted in 2005 at Auburn and played during his redshirt season in 2006.

"I played in some games in '06, stated the always well spoken, Alonzo Horton. "It was nothing personal with me leaving Auburn. I left because it was better for me, both academically and athletically. It was a business decision. I have no bitter feelings towards Auburn. They were great to me. It was just in my best interest for me to leave."

The 6' 3", 260 pounder has found a new home at N' West CC. Horton has 24 tackles, 4 QB hurries, and 1 sack through three games of action.

"It has been a good experience. Coach had me playing MLB the first three games. I have graded out well, but I was not doing well in my eyes. But this week, they moved me to rush end, my natural position, so I think I am going to really start playing well."

Alonzo's SEC experience has been valuable for the Ranger's squad.

"Playing in the SEC was a great experience. Practices are just like games. Playing in front of 90,000 people at Auburn was great. Playing at other places like Ole Miss and LSU were also great. Coach Pippon told me that he wanted me to become a leader over here and lead by example. He wants me to show them what it is takes to get to the next level. That is our team's theme this year; take it to the next level."

Horton is in route to visit Ole Miss today with former AU teammate, Patrick Trahan.

"I am headed over there with Patrick (Trahan) right now. My relationship with Ole Miss is the same as it was in high school. I have a good relationship with their coaches and players. If I did not, I would have never committed to Ole Mis. I was young back then though, and I listened to some family members. They wanted me to go to Auburn, but my heart was with Ole Miss. You learn a lot of lessons in life, and that was certainly a big one for me to learn. I am just blessed they are still interested in me."

The last time Horton was on Ole Miss' campus; he was playing against the Rebels.

"Yea, the last time I was over there was when we played them last October. I played in a few snaps that game. It was a bitter sweet victory for me."

And why was it bitter sweet?

"Well because my brother, Robert Russell, was a starting linebacker for Ole Miss going into the year, and he left the team before we played them. We had always talked about going to Ole Miss together, and then I signed with Auburn. So we were all hyped up about playing against each other last year. I was looking over there at their sidelines just thinking about what it would have been like if both of us were over there. It was a sad feeling. I do not know; just a lot of mixed emotions were going through my mind."

Alonzo's relationship with Ole Miss assistant, Frank Wilson, runs deep.

"He is like a family member to me. We do not even talk football when we talk. He always wants to know how my brother (Robert Russell), aunt, uncle, and grandmother are doing. Coach Frank called me and told me congratulations the day after I signed with Auburn. I was about in tears that day. That is when it hit me what I had done. Coach Frank is just a great/great person. He is a role model to a lot of players around here (in New Orleans). I am just glad that I am a part of his life, and I hope we continue to have that bond until the last day we are on this earth."

Is there a chance that Alonzo might get another opportunity to play for the Rebels?

"I think there is a good chance you might see that. Right now, I am just going to concentrate on my books and go over there today and rebuild some relationships that I had with their coaches and the players I met while I was on my (official) visit out of high school. That is what today is all about."

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