Practice report, Wednesday

The Rebels worked in shells today in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. The following are Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's comments about the workout.

Coach O: We practiced in the stadium today and had a normal Wednesday practice. Seth (Adams) threw the ball some today, but not as much as we expected.

Q: Any concern with Seth or is that what you expected?

Coach O: He didn't throw it as hard as I thought he would today. I thought he'd be a little further along today, but it's still a while before the game and I think he will be fine by game time.

Q: Coach Werner said today he was pleased with how Brent Schaeffer and Michael Herrick have responded. Your thoughts?

Coach O: It's been alright. There have been some good things and some things they need to work on. We are definitely missing Seth. We are missing his consistency there. It's just not the same without him, that's for sure.

Q: We saw Bruce Hall back today. How important is that?

Coach O: Very important. We need him to take a load off BenJarvus (Green-Ellis). Cordera is going to be a good back, but he's not as ready as Bruce is yet.

Q: We also noticed you had DE Kentrell Lockett back.

Coach O: That's really a plus for us. He's a good pass rusher, quick. He's excited to be out there. He's long, lanky and plays with a high motor. He makes plays. He's a good kid. It's good to see him out there and it looks like he is healthy.

Q: Don Hargroder also practiced. . .

Coach O: Donnie, yes. It might be some time before he can help us at LB, but maybe he can help us on special teams, which we need, like in kickoff coverage. We'd love to have him on that - he's a high motor kid too.

Q: Corey Actis and John Jerry did not practice today. Is that a concern?

Coach O: It's a concern they didn't practice. The continuity has been missed. They will both be ready for the game, but I don't think you can play to the best of your ability without practice.

Q: BenJarvus was missing today. Any concern?

Coach O: Never. He's that type of guy. He'll be there. He's mature and will get himself ready. It's different than OL missing. They need contact. Florida has an outstanding defensive line and you need the full speed contact to get ready for them. BenJarvus doesn't.

Q: In watching Florida beat UT, was there anything that surprised you?

Coach O: Their speed. They outran the Tennessee corners a bunch. Tim Tebow has also improved his throwing.

Q: Are injuries a problem right now?

Coach O: Injuries are just a part of football. We are thin at some spots and we are not very good at some spots, but we'll fight through it.

Q: How much pressure does Florida's offense put on the cornerbacks by running the option and being good with the deep ball?

Coach O: They are key guys. I am very comfortable with Dustin Mouzon, but we learned in the Missouri game if you have a corner who is a little unsure you can give up three or four TDs in a hurry that really hurt. We will have to play a technique that will get our corners in the best possible position to succeed, obviously.

Q: How is kicking game coming?

Coach O: We worked very hard on the kickoff unit Monday and today and we have changed a couple of things. It's still not what we want and we still don't have the kicker we want. That's hard to overcome. We will have to keep working on our coverage hard.

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