Patrick Trahan likes what he sees at OM

Patrick Trahan went over to Ole Miss yesterday with teammates, Demareo Marr and Alonzo Horton, for a one day visit.

"It went well," added Patrick Trahan. "I got to see the all of the campus this time. I never got to see it all when I came over here on my high school visit."

What were Patrick's thoughts on the Ole Miss campus?

"I liked it a lot. It really is the prettiest campus I have been on. The campus really opened my eyes towards Ole Miss."

What stood out the most during Patrick's trip?

"I really enjoyed seeing the campus. I saw the football facilities on my previous visit when I attended one of their football camps in high school. But I never got to see the academic facilities. The campus and academic facilities is what opened my eyes about Ole Miss."

Trahan spent two years at Auburn. One while he was taking a redshirt and the next while he participated in all 13 games and led his team in tackles in two of them as a redshirt freshman.

Patrick got a chance to watch the Ole Miss practice yesterday, so what are the differences in the two schools?

"Ole Miss is just real uptempo. I guess that is the best way to explain it. It is more team oriented at their practices. It is real organized and uptempo, but they do not try to kill you running from drill to drill, but I can see how it keeps you in shape."

What does he mean when he is says it is more "team oriented"?

"Well, everybody works out together. It is not like the offense is on this field and the defense is on that field. Everybody works out together. Like the scout team offense was working out right next to the first string offense. It just is more more team oriented during their practices."

Patrick had a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches about where each party stands.

"They told how I would fit in with their program, and how they can help me be successful while I am there. I have some pretty strong feelings towards Ole Miss. They are real high with me. They were high on my list when I was in high school. I am going to continue to look around and see what everybody has to offer, but Ole Miss is first on my mind. I am just starting the recruiting process over again. It will not be like high school where I am going to go all over the place, but I do not want to close all of my options yet."

When will Trahan be back at Ole Miss?

"Daniel Thomas, Demareo Marr, and Alonzo Horton are coming over this weekend to see them play Florida, but I have to go back home to take care of some family matters. I am probably going to come back over for their homecoming game though."

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