'It feels like home'

Alonzo Horton (DE, N' West CC, MS) - The 6' 3", 260 pound former Auburn defensive end took a one day trip to Oxford with current teammates, Demareo Marr and Patrick Trahan, yesterday.

"It was real nice," commented Alonzo Horton. "It felt good to be back in Oxford. I took a tour of the campus and we watched practice and watched some film. I got a chance to see all of the coaches again. It was a nice time."

Horton had already been to Ole Miss' campus several times in high school; was there anything new to learn?

"I just know that Ole Miss is where I am suppose to be. I have always kept close tabs with everything that is going on at Ole Miss. I made a lot of friends on their team when I went on my official visit. I got to see Po PO (Jerrell Powe), Lamark Armour, Mike Wallace, Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis, just all of the boys. I guess there is one thing that I did learn during this trip that I did not know from before, I had never seen the new academic center they just built. It is really nice."

Jerrell Powe, Lamark Armour, and Alonzo took their official visit together at Ole Miss during their senior year in high school. They have remained close.

"I talk to PO PO (Jerrell) and Lamark all the time, even when I was at Auburn, we always kept in touch. PO PO said he has 30 more pounds to go before next season. He is just ready to show his thing next year. And Lamark, he just needs to get the rust off. He thinks his knee is coming around pretty good though. Those are cool cats. They are a big part of why it feels like home so much at Ole Miss."

What else feels "homy" about Ole Miss?

"I do not know. Ever since I went on my visit there in high school, I just have had Ole Miss in my heart. I never stopped thinking about Ole Miss while I was at Auburn. Ole Miss just feels like how it is suppose to be when you are on someone's campus."

What impressed Alonzo the most during his visit?

"Their coaches. I just love how intense they are. You do not see that a whole lot."

Were there any differences in the practices at Ole Miss than Auburn?

"No, not really. There is no big difference. It is the SEC, guys flying around and making some noise. There are just as many athletes at Ole Miss as they are at Auburn. That kind of surprised me. Those guys are just young and inexperienced. You can tell they are still thinking too much out there. But when they get a little experience this year; they are going to be dangerous. I just want to be a part of it."

Did Alonzo discuss where he stood with Ole Miss during his trip?

"No, this was more of a personal visit than a business one. I told them I am going to finish strong in my classes, or it will not matter what I want to do, and that I am coming back this weekend to see them play Florida. They gave me a hug, and told me they looked forward to seeing me."

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