From the locker room -

The following are comments from some Rebel players, and OL Coach Art Kehoe, after dropping a hard-fought battle to Florida, 30-24, in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium yesterday.

CB Dustin Mouzon: (On being close, but not winning) It's heartbreaking. We were fully loaded and expecting to win. We were prepared and we fought hard. It's a tough loss, no doubt. Florida was a difficult opponent. Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin are hard to deal with. Tebow is like running into a brick wall and Harvin is extremely fast and quick, but we felt we had an opportunity to knock them off. (On the positives of the game) I think we found our identity and we finally found out what we are capable of doing if we put everything into it and focus as hard as we can on the task at hand. We had a team meeting Friday night and it got very emotional. We came out of it as one, fighting. (On criticism leading up to the game) It was everywhere - in the classroom, text messages, in the papers, on the internet. We can't let that get to us. It bothers you and makes you mad, but we have to forget it and stay focused. We have to realize the only people we can depend on are on this team.

QB Seth Adams: (On his shoulder) I was a little tentative at first, but it loosened up as the game progressed and I was able to let the ball go and make a few plays. It wasn't hurting bad. We did a lot of rehab this week and that paid off. I fell on it once, but it didn't hurt too bad. It's a little sore, but it will be fine with more rehab. (On the Rebel defense) I don't think we could have asked for more than they did against a great Florida offense that has been lighting everyone up. At the end, they held Florida to a field goal and kept us in the game. We just couldn't capitalize on it and drive it down for the winning score. (On the bomb to Mike Wallace) Coach (Dan) Werner called it and it was there. We had been talking about it all all day that it was going to open up pretty soon and when he saw their defense sitting on our wideouts, he popped the call, the O-Line protected well and Mike made a great play on the ball. (On the day) I was very excited about the gameplan coming into the game. We obviously did some good things, but we had some miscues and penalties that hurt us. Other than that, we played a pretty good game, we just came up a little short. (On his feelings postgame) Obviously, we wanted to win and this hurts, but it's something to build on. We hung with a great football team and had a chance to win. I'm proud of my teammates and I'm proud to be on this team. (On halftime talk) We just talked about how we stopped ourselves and had to score TDs rather than field goals. We had to put it in the end zone in the second half, and we did. (On what the game told him) It told me we can play with anybody. It gives me confidence and I'm sure it does the same for everyone on the team. We're a good football team. We are just coming up a little short. We have to figure out why and fix it. This can be a turning point for us. We have a will to win and we have fire. We played terrible last week and could have fallen apart, but we didn't. We came back and worked hard and got ready. Eliminate a few mistakes and we come out today with a win. We'll get it right because there is a lot of desire on this team.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On the game) There was never a question in our minds about the game. We knew we could compete with them and we knew we could win it, we just came up a little short. I was really proud of the way we played from a physical standpoint, but we made too many mental mistakes today. We've got the passing game going and the run game is getting good yards per carry. It's coming together, but we have to cut out the mistakes. We'll be fine.

WR Mike Wallace: (On the offense) We are so close to being a great unit. We just have to make plays in the Red Zone. We felt real good out there today, but we kept shooting ourselves in the foot with little mistakes and penalties. We now have the passing game going and we know our running game is solid. We are going to give a lot of people problems this year if we can correct our Red Zone problems. We stopped ourselves. (On his 77-yard reception for a score) I told Seth to just throw it as far as he could. At first, I thought he threw it too far, but I was able to run it down. At that point, I thought we were going to win the game. We had a lot of momentum and the crowd was behind us. (On the team taking a step forward) We wanted to win, but I think we showed a lot of improvement. We just have to keep working hard and building on it. We'll get there. (On Adams) I think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC and he's getting better every game. He utilizes all his weapons, he's in control and he's poised. I love playing with him.

OL Coach Art Kehoe: (On the outcome) I don't have the answers to what the snap infraction, called twice at the end, was. I thought Florida jumped. I will have to see that on film, but it's a sad way to lose a game. We didn't make our goals today - run for 150, throw for 250, score 30 points. If we had, we would have won, we didn't get it done. That's the name of the game - we had a lot of opportunities and didn't get it done. We gave up two key sacks - they were brutal. Our OL penalties killed us, absolutely killed us. I love my kids, man. They are playing hard and are getting better, but we have to win that game. It's not about getting close, it's about winning. We will find a way, I promise that.

DT Peria Jerry: (On the game) Last week, we only played two quarters and it showed. We talked about it as a team and were determined to play all four quarters this week. We gave it our all, but we came up a little short. On defense, we still missed too many tackles. Tebow is a physical guy, but we kept hitting him. We hit him and hit him and he never gave in. Besides him, they have a lot of speed to go with him, but we should have done a better job. We still have situations where we are not fitting where we are supposed to, but we are getting there. I think this is a step forward for us. I think we are about to get over the hump and start winning.

LB Ashlee Plamer: (On the Florida offense) It's a Wishbone with spread passing game principles. We felt we started getting the hang of it right before halftime, but it was a little tricky at first because it's not something we had played against before. The service team did a great job preparing us for it, but you still have to get the game speed down. Once we started getting our keys right, we basically stopped them except for the 37-yard pass they completed in the third quarter. (On his injury) I felt great. I am nicked up, but it was the number three team in the country at The vaught. My adrenaline took over. (On the team) I'm very proud of this team. We are getting better and we know it. We will focus on us and keep working hard. That's all we can do. That's what we will do - keep coming back strong each week.

OT Maurice Miller: (On the OL's play) We were not physically beaten by any means today, but we beat ourselves with some bad penalties. We didn't communicate the way we should have. We got down in the Red Zone and had a couple of false starts and I had a big holding penalty on one drive. That was stupid of me. We just lost our focus. We were moving the ball the way we wanted to, but we didn't finish the way we should have. When you get in the Red Zone, you have to finish. Field goals will not beat a team like Florida and will not beat the teams we will be facing in the next eight games. (On the pass protection) We did OK most of the day, but we gave up two key sacks, which are two too many. Again, missed assignments hurt us. (On the week leading up to the game) We met as a team Friday night and Coach O gave everyone a chance to speak their minds. We listened to each other and realized we are closer to being a good team than even we realized. We knew something good was going to happen today, but we didn't win. We did everything pretty good, except win. That's the next step.

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