Quotes from recruits at Ole Miss/Florida game

Inside are quotes from some of the key recruits that attended the Ole Miss/Florida game. To see what they had to say about their visits, read inside.

QB Chris Wilkes (football/official visit)

"I had heard about how pretty the campus and girls were before I came on the visit, but Ole Miss beat my expectations by a 1000 percent. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more."

"Ole Miss is where I will be at for the next four years, for sure."

CB Charles Mitchell (football/unofficial visit)

"I think they played real good. They almost won the game. If they would have made a few more open field tackles, they would have won the game."

"I was kind of surprised that Ole Miss played them (Florida) that well. A lot of people were saying that Florida was going to beat them real bad, but coming out and competing like they did, that surprised me."

"It was kind of funny, Coach Orgeron came up to me after the game and told me to get ready to go down to the Swamp next year."

"I really think I could have made a difference in that game Saturday. I am a very good open field tackler. That game let me know that Ole Miss is an up and coming team, and at the same time, I know I can come right in and play if I go there."

DT Kendall Dangerfield (football/unofficial visit)

"Coach Orgeron came to me after the game and asked me if I was ready to be a Rebel, and I said yes sir. He told me to keep working on my books and he will get me up there."

"The thing that I learned about Ole Miss is that their fans; the atmosphere is wonderful. Their fans are all into the game."

"Tennessee and Ole Miss are recruiting me the hardest."

OC Ben Contreras (football/official visit)

"I loved it. I have never seen anything like that. The Grove was crazy. There were so man fans there. During the game, the crowd cheered the whole time. The student section never sat down. It was unbelievable. I saw all of the campers and all of those fans setting up their tents the night before. I have never seen anything like that."

"Coming in, I did not think they were going to play that great, but they played great. They were one play away from winning the game. I thought I was about to see a major upset. The thing that stood out to me is that the SEC level did not seem that much faster than what I am playing, just bigger. The speed was the main thing I was focusing in on."

"They told me to go home, let everything soak in, and the day will come when I am ready. But Ole Miss is definitely on top. Yea, the atmosphere is too much. I have never seen anything like it."

RHP Aaron Barrett (baseball/official visit)

"My brother played for Evansville last year so my parents had already been down there for a three game set. They loved the place. My grandfather is from Oxford, so my mother already had a good feel for the town and school."

"I really liked it. I had strong feelings towards the school before I went, and they made me feel at home over there."

"I knew that the people and community were really into baseball, and had a great atmosphere, but I never really knew how important baseball was to that community. I do not know. The people just treat you like family. They give you that warm feeling."

"Ole Miss is my top school now, followed by Louisville and Kentucky."

SG Jon Hood (basketball/unofficial visit) ('09 prospect)

"I have offers from Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee."

"I went over to Ole Miss Saturday with my dad. I had been over there for their Elite basketball camp this summer, but this was my first unofficial visit."

"My dad thought it was a really good atmosphere, as far as the football team. He seems to think that the students and town are really into their university and sports. That is important to both of us."

"My personal impressions were pretty much the same as my dad. The community is really involved with the university. There are a ton of people that back their school and back their players."

PF Terrance Henry (basketball/official visit)

"I have been up to Ole Miss a couple of times before. I went to their Elite basketball camp and just went up there for a weekend to look around last year. But this time, it was a lot better because school was in and I got to see the atmosphere with the students."

"The fans love Ole Miss over there. The whole town in Oxford is centered around that school. It was really impressive."

"I enjoyed playing with their players the most. I noticed they really love to get it up and down the court. Coach K told me that he wants to average a 100 points a game, and that he needs players like me to get that goal accomplished."

"I was looking at how well I would fit in with the players and how the coaches felt about me before I came on the visit. I felt I fit in just fine. I have been around most of their players since this summer, when I went to their Elite camp, and I kind of know their coaches personally. I see them all of the time."

"I am real close with the Ole Miss staff now. I was not that close with them when they first started recruiting me, but now we can just talk like we have known each other for ever."

"I am still visiting Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, and Miami before I decide. I am going to the school that I feel the most comfortable around their players and coaches."

"Kansas came to my house tonight for an inhome visit. They did not want me doing anything crazy this weekend, I think (laugh)."

DL Toa Tuitea (football/official)

"I brought my brother with me. He played college ball too. As soon as we stepped out of the car, he was like wow, this place is great. He loved the Southern hospitality."

"Personally, I had never seen anything like it. The Ole Miss/Florida game, it was packed, and the players told me after the game that what I saw was nothing. It gets much louder and more packed than that."

"But the people down there is what stood out the most. Everyone had a smile on their face and greeted you with open arms. Everything was about Ole Miss football down there. We do not have anything like that in California.."

"Ole Miss is in my top three with Washington State and Hawaii."

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