Baseball Scrimmage Notebook

Ole Miss conducted a full scrimmage Sunday at Swayze Field. Overall, the team was impressive. Go inside for stats, notes and comments from Coach Bianco.

Blue Team won 12-7 on a day with six combined home runs.

Jordan Henry and Logan Power both logged considerable time in right field, while newcomers Michael Hubbard and Michael Guerrero manned center. Hubbard went deep into the gap to rob a double during the scrimmage.

Sean Stuyverson is a shortstop but played a solid second base, while freshman Tim Ferguson played short.

The catcher battle was interesting on the first day with Basham and Henson both looking sharp. Henson had the better day offensively, and they were each consistent behind the plate.

(Quotes from Bianco on the day and injuries below the boxscore.)

The team will practice all but one day this week.

Number changes include Zach Miller (1), Rory McKean (39), Nathan Baker (21), Brett Basham (10), Jordan Henry (12).

White hitters

Jordan Henry 2-4, SB

Sean Stuyverson 3-4, 2 RBI, HR

Cullan Kight 0-3, BB

Michael Guerrero 0-4

Fuller Smith 1-3, BB

Kyle Mills 1-4, 2B

Brett Basham 1-4, 2B, RBI

Tim Ferguson 1-3, BB

Logan Williams 0-3

Yogi Gunther 1-2, RBI, HR, BB

Zack Rutland 1-1, 2B

Blue Hitters

Evan Button 2-4, RBI, HR, 2 SB, BB

Michael Hubbard 0-1, 2 BB, RBI

Cody Overbeck 1-2, 2 RBI, HBP, HR BB

Logan Power 2-4, 4 RBI, HR (GS)

Zach Miller 1-2, SB

Matt Smith 0-2, 2 BB

Kyle Henson 2-4, 4 RBI, HR

Jeremy Travis 1-4, 3B

Cliff Vaughn 0-3

Tyler Wells 0-3, BB, SB

Scott Haltom 0-1

White Pitchers

Nathan Baker one and two-third innings, 2 BB, 2 K, 2 runs on 2 hits (both home runs)

Matt Tracy one inning, 3 BB, 5 runs on 3 hits, 1 K

Jake Morgan two innings, 2 hits on 4 runs, 2 BB, 2 K

Josh Thomason two innings, 1 hit

Jeb Galtney one inning, 1 run on 1 hit

Blue Pitchers

Matt Smith two innings, 2 hits

David Goforth two innings, 1 run on 2 hits, 2 K

Drew Pomeranz one and two-third innings, 2 runs on 3 hits, 2 BB, 3 K

Kevin Parker two innings, 3 runs on 3 hits, 2 BB

Jeb Galtney one inning, 1 run on 2 hits

Bianco Quotes:

On the day.

Today was a great day, obviously a very offensive day. We hit a lot of home runs, a lot of extra-base hits off some good cuts. It was against quality pitching. Five of the first six guys we ran out there all hit over 90 MPH. And they were the younger guys because the older ones threw on Scout Day. I thought it was a great day.

On the offense overachieving.

The offense shouldn't be ahead of the pitching, and that is what is exciting. We haven't swung it like this in a long time. It was as good as I can remember, especially on the first day. Very aggressive, and we really attacked the baseball. That was nice to see. You usually see it from the returners, but we also got it from the new guys.

On depth in the infield.

The middle infield guys seem to be able to play both positions. It is early, so we are just trying out people and seeing what fits, but it looks promising. With Button and Miller back and then Stuyverson and Ferguson and Gunther coming in, there are a lot of options. We're taking a look at everybody.

On catcher Kyle Henson and overall depth.

He has done well. Swung the bat great and caught great. There is a lot of depth at a lot of positions. Everywhere you look, there is a couple guys or more. The outfield has a ton of options, and it is a good feeling. It makes everyone work harder and adds pressure, which is good. We will see as the fall goes on who separates themselves.

On outfield speed.

No doubt, there is more outfield speed than last year. (Michael) Hubbard can really run. Michael (Guerrero) runs well too. They are also some of the best arms throwing-wise. We were really good defensively last year but seem to be better this year.

On Lance Lynn and Cody Satterwhite, who have not thrown yet.

They are coming along terrifically. Lance would have gotten shutdown regardless of the groin injury. He has been doing some intense groin rehab and doing well. He threw a bullpen on Thursday and felt great. He hadn't thrown off the mound since July 5. Cody will start tossing during the middle of next week and then we will have to see his progression. Lance will probably start at the middle-to-end of October. Cody threw when we first got on campus, but he is a little tired from this past summer. Even though he didn't throw a ton of innings, he warmed up a lot as the closer. It was like he threw every night. There is nothing wrong with him, but he was tired, so we are giving him a break.

On Brett Bukvich after surgery in August.

Brett starts week after next, but it is a long process. When we say throw, we mean playing catch and starting at a certain distance. I don't know when the mound stuff starts, but there is no sense in rushing anything. All indications from the surgery indicate that he will be fine when we really need him.

On Jordan Henry

Jordan is 100 percent, but he hasn't done a lot of running. I didn't run him out there on Scout Day because of possibly pulling a muscle. He hasn't gone through a lot of speed training. He does the outfield defense drills. I thought they were more important, but he is fine. We are just being cautious.

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