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Rebel Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner is pleased with the way the passing game has evolved, but he says the running game has to pick up to give his group more balance. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner wasn't in much of a mood to talk after the 30-24 loss to Florida.

Depressed may be a good word for his state of mind at the time.

After reviewing the game tape, he still wasn't dancing a jig, but he was more objective about his group's efforts.

"I'm pleased with the way we are throwing the ball," he evaluated. "I am pleased with the progress of Seth Adams and the wide receivers. I knew we would be better because of the hard work we have put into it, but to be honest I didn't think we'd throw for 300 yards, which we have already done twice. I felt Seth would play well, and he has, but I don't know if I expected this much from him.

"Having said that, there were too many times we had opportunities to make plays and we didn't make them. Against a good team, you have to take advantage of your chances. We didn't do that in a close game, especially in the Red Zone."

What are the Red Zone issues, in his mind?

"The first time we were down there, we tried a reverse because we felt we had them overpursuing, but we bobbled the ball and we ended up with a 9-yard loss," he began. "That's worse than a penalty because you lose the down too.

"On another opportunity, we had an offsides and faced a 1st and 15 we didn't overcome. It was just simple things that killed us. We shot ourselves in the foot. It's tough down there in a more compact area as it is, but when you don't execute and end up with a long yardage situation, it's even worse. It's tough to overcome.

"When we get down there, we have to make sure we keep doing what got us there and not do something silly that causes us a loss on a play."

Against the Gators, there were issues up front with the OL jumping, etc.

"We weren't getting the ball snapped on time a couple of times and there were a couple of times we felt we weren't offsides that were called. We have to fix the ones we messed up, but I don't know what you do about the ones where I couldn't see an infraction on tape," he said bluntly. "On the snap infractions, one of them was legit. Corey (Actis) moved the ball. On the other one, I could not see it on tape."

Dan said the Rebs have some things to shore up in the run game.

"The passing game was going well and we were behind, so we felt like we had to throw it more, but there are still some minor things we need to clean up in the run game to make it as effective as it should be," he explained. "We want to get to where it's 50-50 and we are balanced so we can keep the defenses we face honest. Then, we will be dictating the flow of the game."

Werner is impressed with the play of WR Mike Wallace, and all the receivers for that matter.

"Mike has always had the speed, but this year he's getting off the jams real well and he's making better plays on the ball. Last year, he didn't adjust well to throws in the air, but this year he has learned to do that and it's paid off," he said.

Dan expects a tough assignment with Georgia's defense this weekend.

"They are always very physical and will be very well-coached. They come right at you and play hard. This year, on film, appears to be no different," he ended.

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