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Dustin Mouzon has let the Florida loss soak in, and he still feels the defense played well. That is except for two important areas – missed tackles and turnovers.

The Rebels held the No. 3 Gators to almost half of their usual offensive scoring output, but failing to produce takeaways or secure ball carriers in the open field leaves things unsatisfactory heading to Georgia this Saturday.

"Overall, we feel good about the way we played," Mouzon said. "Given the fact that Florida was No. 3 and how many points they score and how fast they are, the defense played really well regarding missed assignments and things like that. We gave up too many yards though."

Mouzon also says that tackles are as much mental as physical.

"We just have to keep working on it and have a good mindset everyday," the junior cornerback said. "You have to be prepared everyday and every play. We have missed a lot of tackles, and that is the main thing we have to correct. Just keep working hard. That is all you can do."

The team was bombarded by naysayers throughout the past week, but the negativity refocused the team and united everyone.

"There was a lot of criticism around, saying how bad we might have played," Mouzon said. "Now, we feel vindicated to some point after holding them below their point average. It is easier to get over because we need to take the success and build on it."

Ole Miss set a goal for 38 turnovers this season and looked to be off and running after five the opening week of the season. However, since that time, the Rebels have only been able to put up one more in that category.

Turnovers are a team effort, and Mouzon says the secondary and front seven have to work together and seize opportunities.

"Pressure is always the first key up front. And you have to capitalize on those opportunities when they come. Kendrick Lewis had a great opportunity when he tipped the pass against Florida. It could have maybe been an interception. We have focus on strip attempts and get the ball out."

The Rebels are also anxious to see something besides a spread offense. The first four opponents have utilized different versions of the formation, but Georgia will line up and come right at Ole Miss with a pro-style attack.

The Bulldog offense will resemble the Rebels', so Mouzon knows what to expect ‘tween the hedges.

"Because of what we see in practice, we are used to a conventional offense," Mouzon said. "Georgia is going to be a lot like what we run. Going against spread offenses has been frustrating, so it might be good to see something new. With a solid quarterback, the spread can be very dangerous. They spread you out and a mobile quarterback can pick up five yards almost every time. It can be very frustrating."

Ole Miss had success against the Bulldogs last season in Oxford by holding the visitors to only 14 points. He wasn't a starter last season, thus Mouzon is relying on game tape instead of personal experience.

"Last year, my focal point was special teams. I didn't see a lot of It goes either way, with watching last year's tape and our schemes that day and mostly seeing what Alabama was able to do against them last week. It is mainly the recent film that we pay the most attention to."

The Bulldogs take their time and implement a ball-control attack. It allows Ole Miss' defense to set and regroup following every play.

"It isn't going to hurry our defense as much as the other four teams have," Mouzon closed. "Things will be slower and more of what we are used to."

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