'The visit closed the book on my recruitment'

Chris Wilkes (QB, Orlando, FL) - Scout.com's #49 nationally rated signal caller finally had a chance to view the campus and school he will spend his next four to five years at, the University of Mississippi.

"It really was a lot more than I expected," added Chris Wilkes. "I had heard about how pretty the campus and girls were before I came on the visit, but Ole Miss beat my expectations by a 1000 percent. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more."

Why was it better than expected?

"They just have top of the line everything, from the indoor facility, to the new Fed Ex center, just everything. They have real nice facilities. I have been all over the ACC and SEC, and Ole Miss' are the best I have seen so far. I do not know. I was expecting them to be nice because I have heard other people talking about their facilities, but I had no clue they had those kind of facilities. And besides the facilities, I knew Ole Miss was all about football, but it is more than I thought. The whole town is centered around football. It is crazy over there. They love their football at Ole Miss."

Chris' player host on Saturday was the starting QB at Ole Miss, Seth Adams.

"Seth is just a really down to earth, cool guy. He told me about how he grew up a die hard Ole Miss fan, and how he had always dreamed about being the starting QB for Ole Miss and now he has it. It is like a dream come true for him. Seth said it makes it even more special to him because nobody believed in him and now look at him. Everywhere we went Saturday night, he was treated like a king. I have to admit, I am kind of hoping that is going to be me one day (laugh). That looked pretty fun (laugh)."

Chris actually arrived on the Ole Miss campus Thursday on his own, so he could get in an extra day on his visit because this is the only off weekend that his high school team has this Fall.

The official visit did not start until Friday, and the extra day gave him some insight into the town.

"I got a chance just to look at everything without it being just about football. I loved Oxford. Like I said, everywhere you go, everyone is talking football. It is lively but small at the same time. It is the perfect college town for me. I can't wait to be a part of the daily life in the Oxford area."

On Saturday, Wilkes focused on the offense and recognized a few things.

"I noticed they run a very similar offense that we run. They put the FB in the offense, just a lot of the same things and formations we run. I also wanted to see what type of wide receivers are going to be with me, and the best word that comes to my mind is fast. And they are playmakers too. But the biggest thing is how fast they are. I have never seen a group as fast as they are. I also like the big one they had, #84 (Michael Hicks). He had great hands and ran great routes. I left the game feeling real good about my future receivers. I know that."

Wilkes left the game and headed to the Grove with his player host and several more players.

"There is nothing like the Grove, nothing. It is the biggest tailgating party in America. There are people everywhere. I love how everyone parties together, hangs out, and welcomes complete strangers to their tent to come have some food and drinks. Everyone just welcomes you in the Grove. It is the most unique experience I have had in my life. They are just so friendly over there."

When Chris woke up Sunday morning, he went to the IPF and watched some film with Coaches Werner and Orgeron.

"We were just going over different types of plays they run. It is not too hard to learn their offense. It is just like the one we run at home. We went over the formations and things like that. They run the same formations, but then they will run maybe 30 different plays off of that formation while we keep it the same. That is what I will have to learn in the offseason, but it looks very doable."

Thinking back on the visit; what stood out the most?

"I just like the fact that Oxford is a football town with the Grove in it. Everybody just supports the team, and the players are so together. We went out on the town Saturday night and everyone stayed together. It was not splintered off in a bunch of little groups. Everybody on their team goes out together, and then they all go back to somebody's house together to hang out. You can just tell that they have a good chemistry over there. And the tradition at Ole Miss, man, you can't beat that."

Is it a given that this visit solidified the 6' 4", 225 pounder's commitment?

"Yea, this just closed the book on it. I was already sure I was going before I went on my visit, but there are no questions now. You are going to have to drag me away from that place. I am just counting down the days until I get there now."

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