Henry talks about official to Ole Miss

Terrance Henry (PF, Monroe, LA) - Scout.com's #60 overall player in the country had a chance to take in his first of five consecutive weekends of official visits.

How did his trip to Ole Miss go this past weekend?

"It was a lot better than I was expecting," added Terrance Henry. "I had been there a couple of times before, like to their Elite basketball camp this and last summer, and I went over there a couple of summers back to just visit the place, but I had never been over there before when the students were in school. I finally got a chance to see what the atmosphere is like when school is in session. It is a lot of fun over there."

Terrance's head coach, Chris Oney, played for the Rebels in the late 90's. This has given Terrance a lot of insight into the university.

"Just having Coach Oney makes it a lot better because he knows the school's history, and he played with one of their coaches (Michael White). He just knows Ole Miss personally, so he can tell me how it really is and not what others say it is or is not."

What stood out the most during the official visit?

"I just liked hanging out with the guys, playing with them. I went to their football game against Florida. I loved how their fans were at the football game. It was unbelievable. You want to get a lot of support from your fans while you are playing, and I had never seen anything like what the Ole Miss fans gives (to their players)."

What did the 6' 9", 185 pounder learn while playing with the current players at Ole Miss?

"That they love to get it up and down their court (laugh)."

Does this philosophy fit Terrance's game?

"Yes, because that is what I have been playing my whole life. We get up and down the court as fast as we can. It was nothing new to me, but yes, that's what I love to do, get up and down the court."

What is Henry keying in on before he goes on his official visits?

"I just want to see how their players act around me. Do they like me? I also want to see how the coaching staff feels about me and how our relationship is going to be. That is really it. I just want to see how comfortable I feel around them."

What were Terrance's feelings about Ole Miss on these two issues?

"I felt I fit in just fine at Ole Miss. I have been around most of their guys (current players) since this summer. I kind of knew them personally, and I see their coaches all of the time. I am real close to the Ole Miss staff right now. I was not that close when they first started recruiting me, but now we can just talk on the phone for hours like we have known each other all of our lives. I have a real good relationship with the Ole Miss coaches."

Where does this visit put the Rebels?

"I feel like they are close, no, right at the top of my list."

Kansas' head coach had an inhome visit with Henry the day he got back in from his Ole Miss visit.

"I do not think he wanted me to do anything crazy (laugh)."

Terrance will visit Arkansas (9/29), LSU (10/6), Kansas (10/13), and Miami (10/20) next.

Kentucky has been scratched off of Henry's list.

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