Practice report, Tuesday

The Rebels began preparations for the SEC contest with Georgia by taking a first look at everything the Bulldogs try to do on offense, defense and special teams. Read Coach O's comments inside.

Coach O: We had a highly-spirited practice today. The guys were ready to go full speed. We worked on tackling, the run game - the guys were juiced up and ready to go.

Q: In light of playing Florida as well as they did, could you tell a higher level of confidence onthe team perhaps?

Coach O: We'll see on Saturday. I know we are together as a team - I feel that. They are spirited and you feel some leaders surfacing. You see guys making plays. I feel that for sure.

Q: Who would you consider your top leaders?

Coach O: Peria Jerry is coming along as a leader. Seth Adams, Mike Wallace, Marshay Green. Dexter (McCluster) was out there practicing today. It was good to see him out there, you know.

Q: Does that mean you got good news from the doctors on Dexter?

Coach O: We'll see what happens. It's a day-to-day deal with him. We think he's going to play Saturday, but we don't really know yet.

Q: Do you get the sense taht some guys are going to excel on defense now that you are playing a more conventional offense with Georgia?

Coach O: I don't know. Their backs break a lot of tackles, both of them. And there will be pelnty of open field stuff we have to deal with, so I'm not ready to say that yet. We have to show it. We worked hard on open field tackling today. Georgia's backs have broken a lot of tackles against good teams.

Q: What do they do on offense that is tough to defend?

Coach O: They have a good run game and they are a big screen team. They throw to their backs out of the backfield. Screens put pressure on everyone. Then they will go downfield and hit you with some fast receivers.

Q: What does their defense look like to you?

Coach O: Quick. Quick, strong defensive linemen inside. They send their corners a lot and zone blitz a lot. They are very athletic. They mix it up a lot with the zone blitz.

Q: You blocked a punt against Georgia last year, correct?

Coach O: Two, but one was called back with a mystery call.

Q: WIll you do anything this week in practice to prepare for the noise between the hedges?

Coach O: Yes. We will pipe in noise tomorrow and Thursday. We will be excited about the game Saturday. We enjoy games like this. This is my first time between the hedges and I'm looking forward to it. It's a great atmosphere and this will be back-to-back for us against great SEC programs. We look forward to that. I've been on their campus but have never to their stadium. It will be a great experience.

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