Practice report, Wednesday

The Rebels continued their preparations for Saturday's SEC contest with Georgia with a practice in the stadium in shells. Read what Coach Ed Orgeron had to say about the workout inside.

Coach O: It was another good day at work. The guys are ready to go.

Q: You were working the kickoff and kickoff return hard today while the media was out there.

Coach O: That's what we work on every Wednesday, but we are doing everything we can to get it better. It looks good in practice, but you have to do it live,a dn fast, against good people in games. We'll see.

Q: Does that unit still have confidence?

Coach O: I don't see how. How can you have confidence when you have played like we have played on those units. We have to put new people in there and try new things. It's been horrible, so confidence can't be high.

Q: How is Dexter McCluster doing?

Coach O: He is practicing, but we are not letting him get hit. He ran by us today pretty good. He is so quick.

Q: Is there a point where you consider redshirting him if he can't go soon?

Coach O: No, never. He wouldn't consider that.

Q: If he doesn't have any contact in practice, can you still put him out there in games?

Coach O: Yes. If the doctors tell me he is ready, he'll play. I will ask him in pregame warmups how he feels and see what he says and then go by what the doctors and trainers say. I can tell you he will want to play Saturday - he does every week. He is always going to say 'coach, I am ready.'

Q: How did the crowd noise work today?

Coach O: I like it. It seemed it took a little longer to call our plays, which is what it's designed to do. We will do it the rest of the week.

Q: Talk a little more about Georgia, please.

Coach O: They are a good SEC football team. Their QB is playing well. Their backs are very good in the open field at making people miss. They throw to their TE some. They are a little inexperienced up front on offense, but they are big and well-coached. On defense, they are very good. Their linebackers are really quick. They are good on special teams too. Georgia is a well-rounded team.

Q: Who are some of your better tacklers?

Coach O: Peria Jerry, Greg Hardy, Marcus Tillman - the big guys have not missed many tackles. We have some new guys in there who aren't used to the speed of the game and their fundamentals aren't where we want them. They are reaching too much and are a step slow sometimes. I thought tackling improved some against Florida though.

Q: How is Robert Hough doing this year?

Coach O: He's doing well. He's a leader. Our senior TEs are leading, they know what to do and they are playing well. We will miss him and Robert Lane.

Q: With Mike Wallace having success with the deep ball, do you expect him to ge more attention by defenses?

Coach O: Florida double covered him most of the day and he still ran by them. I don't know how much more you can do than double him.

Q: How good is Georgia WR Sean Bailey?

Coach O: He's explosive. They run, run, run and then hit him when you go to an eight-man front and single cover him. He's dangerous in those situations. They know how to get the ball to him too. They spread the ball around very well.

Q: How has DE Kentrell Lockett done since his return off the injury list?

Coach O: He's more comfortable this week. I think he will be a real good pass rusher. He's a good player - not a great player yet, but a good one.

Q: How is SS Johnny Brown doing?

Coach O: He's not playing as fast as I'd want right now - he has a lot of things to work on, but I think he will be a really good player in time. Unfortunately, he's been thrown in the fray against some wide open teams and has been exposed a little bit, but I think he'll be fine. He's starting to get it and is one of the top freshmen we have.

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