Tennessee DT has two at the top

Kendall Dangerfield (DT, Puliski, TN) - The 6' 1", 275 pound Giles County defensive tackle has helped his team to a 4-0 record and Top 10 ranking in the state of Tennessee.

"I have gotten better since last year," added Kendall Dangerfield. "They have moving around DE to DT, and I am still playing TE. We have a new defensive coordinator, Coach Thomas, and he is teaching us well, lots of new techniques we did not know before."

Dangerfield has certainly been productive on the young season.

"I have 5 sacks and 2 TD's. I think overall, I have 40 something tackles and 2 blocked field goals."

How is recruiting going?

"Real good. Tennessee, Ole Miss, and MTSU have been looking at me real hard. Tennessee and Ole Miss have been looking at me the hardest. If it comes down to it, it would be one of them."

Has Kendall attended any college games this fall?

"I went to the Tennessee/USM game and Ole Miss/Florida game."

Did anyone accompany Kendall on his visits?

"My mom and dad went with me to both games.

How did the Ole Miss visit go?

"Real good. When I first got up there, we had to sign up. We toured their facilities and Coach Freeze came and talked to us about their game plan and what they were going to do. We walked on their field during the pregame and went into the stands when it started. After the game, we went into the dressing room and talked to the head coach and then we left."

What did Coach Orgeron say to the 2006 All-Region 3(5A) selection?

"He told me that his boys were fighting real hard. He asked me if I was ready to be a Rebel. I said yes sir, and he told me to keep working hard in the classroom and he will get me up there."

How are Kendall's grades coming along?

"I am doing good in them. My report came in and I made all A's and B's. I am on top of it, trying to get to the next level and play some SEC football."

What stood out about Ole Miss during Dangerfield's visit?

"Their facilities. The whole indoor complex. I like how it is set up. The coaches offices, dressing room, weight room, training room, field, just everything is right there together."

How did Kendall's Tennessee visit go?

"I got up there on Saturday morning. We had to sign in. We went on a tour of their campus. They took us to their weight room where Coach Fulmer came in and gave us a speech. We watched a slide show on Tennessee football. Fulmer then went over the game plan they had against USM. We went to see the Tennessee players come out of the tunnel and then we ate and watched the game."

What stood out the most about the Vols during his visit?

"I loved that stadium. I just love it. And the coaches too. But I would have to say their stadium stood out the most, their complex too."

Anymore visits on tap?

"I think MTSU wants me to come up for a game, and I am going back to Tennessee when they play Alabama."

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