OM coaches stand out for Charles Mitchell

Charles Mitchell (DB, Clarksdale, MS) - One of the more coveted prospects in the state of Mississippi was set for a huge showdown against their biggest rival, South Panola, but something got in the way.

"I pulled my hamstring on the second play of the game," added Charles Mitchell. "It was a bummer for me and my team because they did not play as well as they should have after I went out. Panola took it to us."

Luckily for Charles, the Wildcats had an off week following the South Panola game, and he was able to get back on the field against Greenwood.

"It seemed like for over since I played at home, so it felt good. We beat Greenwood 41-6, and I think our team played a lot better. I think we hit it off on every note, special teams, defense, offense, just everything. Personally, I finished with 11 tackles, 1 pick, and 1 fumble recovery."

Did Mitchell play any offense?

"They did not play me, because when I tried to explode, I felt it pull on my hamstring, so they just played me on defense."

How far back is Charles from his injury?

"I would say 75%."

Charles took in his first college game of the fall and talked about his experience.

"I think Ole Miss played real good. A lot of people were saying Florida was going to beat them real bad, but coming out and competing like they did, that kind of surprised me. They almost won that game. If they would have made a few more tackles, a couple more plays on offense on that last drive, they win. Their offense played real big in the second half. Ole Miss is really young and you can tell they are about to get real good. "

What did Mitchell focus on during the game?

"Mostly their defensive backs, safeties and cornerbacks. I wanted to see how aggressive they were. I think most of them played pretty good and some had a few missed tackles in the open field that probably could have stopped a few first downs. I think they could have played better back there."

What about Ole Miss' scheme?

"I think they have a pretty good scheme because they did not make many deep catches. They really did not make any. Most of the catches were just screens. They just broke for a few long ones, but the scheme was good."

Does Charles feel like he has the game to step right in and play on the college level?

"I could. College players are better because they get better coaching and more time to practice, but if I had that time and coaching, I could make an impact on that level."

What did the Ole Miss coaches have to say to Charles when they saw him?

"Coach Orgeron made a joke. He said when I got over there, be ready to play in the Swamp. Coach Hughes said he will be happy to see me in the Red and Blue next year. I talked to one of their coaches in the football operations, and he was explaining how their official visits are set up. I have not set up anything (official visit) up yet, but I am probably about to start doing that."

What does Mitchell like most about Ole Miss right now?

"Their coaches. They make me feel like I am at home over there. I just have a different relationship with their coaches. I can't explain it."

Anymore games on tap?

"I am still going down to USM on October 13th, and MSU really/really wants me to come down to a game of theirs. I am going to try and make it over there for a game next month. I plan on going to see Ole Miss at home when they play Alabama too."

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