Practice report, Thursday

The Ole Miss Rebels concluded their full-speed workouts for the week in preparation for Saturday's SEC contest with Georgia in Athens. Read what Coach O had to say about this week's practices inside.

Coach O: The week went real well, real well. The guys responded well and worked very hard this week.

Q: You said after the Florida game that it was now about building on that effort and continuing to improve. Did you feel that this week?

Coach O: We'll see. We always look good in practice. We have to play good. We have to play better than we did against Florida and get a win.

Q: How was the tackling this week?

Coach O: We worked on it for hours and hours this week. It looked better, but like I said, it was practice. We have to carry it over to games. Plus, Georgia is going to make you miss some.

Q: Is Seth Adams' shoulder OK this week?

Coach O: Yes. He practiced every day this week.

Q: Seth has been so solid this year, yet you don't hear a lot about him, really.

Coach O: He's not a distraction, he's doing his job. He's doing well. Everything is very positive with him. He's coming along well. Having Mike Wallace with the deep ball and Shay Hodge underneath - those guys are catching the ball and helping his cause. He's sitting in the pocket with decent protection and doing a nice job.

Q: BenJarvus seemed anxious this week to get back ou there. . .

Coach O: He's a competitor. He sees the receivers doing well and he wants some of that too. I'm looking forward to him having a big game. I watched last year's game some today and he had some big runs against Georgia and did a good job.

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