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After a relatively good start - the contest was tied 17-17 deep into the third quarter, Georgia turned on the afterburners and left the Rebels in their dust, 45-17. Read what Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner and Defensive Coordinator John Thompson had to say about the Rebs' effort.

Defensive Coordinator John Thompson and Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner said it was the same old song, different verse today when Georgia outdistanced, and left behind, the Rebels 45-17 in Athens.

After the Rebels tied the score 17-17 in the third quarter of a hard-fought SEC contest, the Bulldogs scored 28 unanswered points and cakewalked to victory.

Thompson was left with few words.

"It was so obvious," said J.T., whose unit gave up 472 yards, including TD runs of 41 and 50 yards. "In the second half, they just knocked us off the ball and ran over us. Obvious and disheartening.

"In the second half, we tackled so poorly up close and in the open field. They just ran over us when the game was on the line."

Thompson was left scratching his head in wonderment after watching his squad hold their own in the first half, particularly on the line of scrimmage.

"I thought Peria Jerry was dominating them up front. He was disrupting what they wanted to do and so were a couple of other guys," John noted. "Then, we went through a stretch in the second half where we simply weren't physical enough and we couldn't make the stop when we needed to.

"I've never seen anything like that in terms of tackling OK in the first half and then not tackling anybody the rest of the game. It wasn't big plays, it wasn't scheme - they didn't do anything diferent on offense - and it wasn't that we aren't capable. We just didn't do it. We lost our physicality in the second half. We will get that fixed - there's no reason or excuse for it."

What was the difference in the first and second halfs on defense? Frankly, Thompson is having trouble pinpointing it.

"I don't know if it is us wearing down, frustration, playing not to lose, not having enough confidence with the game on the line, or what, but we're not getting it done," he continued. "I know confidence is part of it. A confident defensive player makes the tackles we were missing today. We have to overcome that.

"It is very discouraging to see that unfold after playing a real solid first half. Sure, they made a nice call on a 3rd and 19 with a run play when we were playing pass and busted it for a long TD, but that happens. You get back off the mat and dust yourself off. This is bigtime football. You bow your neck and vow to yourself it's not going to happen again and you go out there and make sure it doesn't. It just doesn't make sense to be playing as well as we were early on and then to collapse at the end."

J.T. didn't think it was real complicated from midway through the third quarter until the end of the game.

"We got our tails kicked. I wish I had another explanation. I wish it was that Georgia pulled something out of their hats that confused us - anything but getting our tails kicked," Thompson stated. "But I can tell you this. I really believe we have some guys who are going to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and not take this. Those who don't - well, we'll see about that too."

It didn't help the defense's cause that CB Dustin Mouzon, arguably the Rebs' most productive defensive player thus far this year, went out on the opening kickoff with a hip pointer.

"We not only missed his play, but we missed his confident attitude. Dustin makes plays and guys around him feed off that. We had a dime package that we couldn't go to without him that hurt us a little bit, but mostly we missed his attitude and leadership," John noted.

In closing, J.T. said there's a bottom line now five games into the season.

"We're not very good on defense and we have to get it figured out. Who, what, why and fix it," he ended.

While the lack of tackling lament was Thompson's cross to bear, not finishing - again - was Werner's.

"First and goal on the one to go up 14-0 and we fumble. You simply cannot do that. You have to finish those drives. While it was too early to call that the difference in the game,and we did fight back from that to tie the game at the 6-minute mark of the third quarter, it was huge," said Dan, "but it has been typical of what we have been doing. It's the same story - we aren't finishing things.

"Once again, we had no trouble, for three quarters, moving the ball, but that's not what this game is all about. It's about scoring points. We didn't score enough, no matter how you look at it. There were 35 points for us out there today, I thought, and we didn't get it done. If we score all we had the opportunity to score, we win the game because Georgia doesn't score 45, in my opinion."

The Rebels' offense struck first with another "bomb" from QB Seth Adams to deep threat WR Mike Wallace. This one was a 45-yarder to give the Rebs a 7-0 lead.

"We felt we could take some shots downfield until they softened things up. Coach O told me before the game to go for it and take some deep shots and we did, until they loosened up their coverage - then we were able to go underneath for some solid gains," he added. "I'm pretty pleased with our deep game and our passing game."

The Rebel running game was also clicking well, particularly with the draw play.

"We saw something with their defense that we thought we could exploit with the delay or draw. That worked for a while too," Werner said.

Dan told the offensive players at halftime that Georgia would take the draw and the deep ball away in the second half and he was going to attack the edges and the short to intermediate passing routes.

"The first drive of the second half was as good as we have had this year, and we finished it too by powering it in. We changed some things at half and the guys executed the changes well," he said. "I thought we would just keep going from there, but we didn't."

The offense reverted back to some things that have plagued them in the previous games.

"Georgia tightened up some defensively, but we went back to stopping ourselves. We missed a receiver here and there, we didn't pop runs when the seam was there to make real big gains, even touchdowns," Dan said. "We just lost our sharpness a little and you can't do that against a team like Georgia.

"We were winning the battle in the trenches for a half and that first third-quarter drive, but then we went for a spell where we didn't make the plays that almost looked easy in the first half. Georgia made some adjustments and took a couple of things away, but we had options where we should have been able to exploit them, but we didn't."

QB Seth Adams ended up having another solid day, completing 24-35 passes for 228 yards, but his fumble at the one and a momentum-changing interception with the score 24-17 Georgia were backbreakers.

"Seth did a nice job today, overall, but he knows how critical turnovers are. Against a team like the Bulldogs, you can't have them, particularly the kind we had today," Dan closed. "BenJarvus (Green-Ellis) and Bruce (Hall) had good days running the ball, overall, but there were times they had lanes for bigger gains. We have to shore up things like that and we will be a good offense.

"I think we have shown we can move the ball on anyone. Now, we have to take that next step. We have to limit our crucial mistakes, the game-changing mistakes, and we have to finish what we start."

Same song, different verse. Finish on offense, tackle - for four quarters - on defense.

Both coordinators think that's just around the corner, but the lack of those commodities have been discouraing to this point and are the prime reasons the Rebels are now 1-4.

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