Coach O postgame

The following are Coach Ed Orgeron's postgame comments after the Ole Miss Rebels' 45-17 loss at Georgia.

Orgeron: Obviously in the second half on defense we did not play well. Missed tackles and we were outmanned sometimes. Their running backs ran us over. I'm really disappointed in the play of our defense, especially in the run defense in the second half. In the first half our offense moved the ball. In the third quarter we moved the ball. The fumble (at the 1-yard line) really hurt us down there. The play of our defense is really not what we expect here. We need to look at who we're playing and look at what we're doing.

Q: What did you see on the fumble?

O: I don't know. I just saw the ball on the ground. I'll have to watch it on film.

Q: How big was that fumble since you would have gone up two touchdowns, and then they go back down and score?

O: It was a really big play. We'd have gone up 14-0. A really big play. You know it was first down on the 1-yard line. We need to make that play.

Q: Did you try to have the play before that reviewed (when Marshay Green was ruled out of bounds after a catch and run from Seth Adams.)

O: We thought about it. We thought about it. I thought they were going to review it. That's what I was clamoring for. It just didn't happen the way we wanted it to. Hindsight I probably should have called timeout and had it challenged. But they should have looked at that thing.

Q: What is this team missing in the second half?

O: They are running the football. We're not in the right gap. Or we're in the right gap and we're not making the play. There was a lot of times we had a guy right there and they just juked us. Missed tackles. Athletic ability is coming into play there. We just don't have the type of SEC players at some positions that we need right now. That's obvious.

Q: Greg Hardy didn't start. Anything you can tell us about that?

O: No.

Q: Did you see any bright spots today?

O: I thought offensively for a while, I liked what they were doing. I thought we had a good gameplan. Our guys battled. I thought they came out ready to play. After last week, I thought they came in here ready to play. We just broke down. We just didn't play well.

Q: Did you see anything in your defense that would lead you to believe they were going to fold like that?

O: No. But I know we have some deficiencies. I know that. There's no doubt in my mind going into the game we had some weak spots. The only thing that's going to solve that is recruiting. We lost Patrick (Willis) and Rory (Johnson) and we have not filled those spots. Ashlee (Palmer) had been hurt all week. He tried to play today. He could not play well today. We're down to a walkon linebacker and a couple of third-team linebackers.

Q: Was injury part of Peria Jerry's problem today?

O: He was playing good. He got chopped out there. He came back and he fought. But he just wasn't the same. I thought he had an excellent first half.

Q: What about Dustin Mouzon's status?

O: I don't know what it is.

Q: How did you think Nate Banks did taking his spot?

O: OK. Nate did OK.

Q: Dexter McCluster was back. How did you think he did?

O: He looked good. He made plays. It was good to have him out there.

Q: What fixes do you see for the defense, personnel, schemes, etc.?

O: We've been back to basics for two weeks. We switch around personnel. I know our scheme is good. I like our scheme. I'm involved in it. I know exactly what we're doing. When we get there we've got to make plays. If guys can't make the plays, we've got to recruit guys who can make the plays. That's all there is to it.

Q: It sounds like you've tried a lot of things.

O: We have. We're very thin. When you're out there and you have to call the right defense every play, it's kinda hard to do. I thought the calls were good today. I thought we played decent against Florida. But we're not physical to knock (Tim) Tebow down, and we're not physical enough to knock these two guys down. We don't have Patrick and Rory. We have to get some players like that. We need to get stouter on the defensive line. We got pushed around a little bit today.

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