Former USC signee just glad to be a Rebel

Kenny Ashley (RB, El Camino CC, CA) - One would think that a player would be frustrated with his season due to injuries and sharing the ball with another juco All-American, but not this Ole Miss commit.

"I missed a couple of games this year because I hurt my toe in practice. I gave me a really bad turf toe. I missed the first two games, and this week I banged up my shoulder, but it is not bad. I will not miss anymore games because of it. We have a bye this weekend, so I have some time heal it. I am just happy that our team is winning. That is all that matters to me," added the always personable Kenny Ashley.

The 4 star juco recruit only has 19 carries for 112 yards and 2 TD's in limited time this season, but that does not bother Kenny.

"Tavares Pressley has easily over 400 yards and 4 TD's (actually Pressley has 421 rushing yards and 8 TD's through five games). We would not be where we are without him, Boo, and our offensive line. As far as me having a problem with splitting carries. I have no problem with it. It can only make the team better. Me and Tavares both get the same amount of carries. I am just happy that we are winning. The competitiveness comes out in you sometimes, and you might want some more carries, but we are about winning football games and keeping our national championship hopes alive."

El Camino kept their championship hopes alive by beating Sattleback this past Saturday.

"I had a pretty good game until I got hurt. I had to leave the game in the second quarter because of my shoulder, but the win was all that mattered. I was just happy we got the win."

After rushing for over 1, 800 yards as a senior at Venice Senior HS, Kenny signed with Southern Cal but failed to qualify. The Fall of '06 Ashley sat out of football and stayed at home trying to make his needed SAT score. Kenny never made his needed score so he enrolled at El Camino CC in December of '07.

Has Kenny seen much of a difference from juco to high school ball?

"It is a lot different. It is a lot faster, bigger players. It is a lot like D1 football. They (D1) are probably a little faster and more in shape, but talent wise, it is on the same level. If we had a D1 weight program and training we could hang with a program like Arizona. It is a struggle for a lot of people to get playing time because we are so good. We will have around 20 players in our class that will go D1 this year. We have a lot more talent than a lot of people outside of California realize."

When was the last time Ashley was in contact with Ole Miss?

"Me and Coach Neilsen talked last week after the loss to Florida. He was pretty down about the game. We just keep it brief because in the SEC, you have tough competition every week. I know Ole Miss lost to Georgia after being tied late in the 3rd quarter. They are pretty down over there, but things are about to turn around. I am just happy to be a part of their program and turn a bad team into a title contender. That's all."

How did Kenny and Ole Miss' relationship start?

"Coach Neilsen came by here last Spring. They tried to get me in there for this Fall, but I came up just short. I appreciated the help they gave me to get myself qualified, so I told him that I was theirs if they still wanted me when I get out of here in May. They kept calling and checking up on me, and then I just decided to go ahead and get it over with. I just want to make this team better and then take it over to Ole Miss for the next three years and help try to turn things around. I am a loyal person, and they showed a loyalty to me by trying to help me get qualified when I was not even their recruit. That showed me what type of coaches they were. For now, this is my first chance to win a national championship and put a ring on my finger. I am going to do everything in my power to get one over here (at El Camino) and then I am going to do my best to get one at Ole Miss."

Has Ashley set up his official visit to Ole Miss?

"I am suppose to be going down there this weekend with my teammate, DB Hilton Dawson. There might be a couple more of us coming too."

Kenny is scheduled to graduate in May and will have 3 years to play 3 at the University of Mississippi.

Below is film that was collected in last week's game against Mt. SAC


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