Practice report, Tuesday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron and his defensive staff say there is only one way to get better at tackling - a sore spot this season for the Reb defense - and that's to work on it in practice. Read Coach O's comments about Tuesday's workout inside.

Coach O: We had a hard-nosed, physical practice today, a good Tuesday practice.

Q: How did the guys respond to that type of physical practice?

Coach O: They enjoyed it. They were having fun. We had some good tackling drills going on out there and some of the young guys were showing up and enjoying it. We let the young guys scrimmage a little bit today and that was fun watching them.

Q: You said Monday you may change some things up this week. Any of that surface?

Coach O: Not really. We're just trying to get our guys to do things better.

Q: Did Center Corey Actis practice today? BenJarvus Green Ellis?

Coach O: Corey practiced. BenJarvus did not. I'm not sure when Ben will be back right now.

Q: What does Bruce Hall add to your backfield?

Coach O: He's a good zone runner. He hits the hole well and picks his way through there. He's a one-cut guy with a little movement. I like what he gives us. He's got a knack about himself.

Q: What do you see in Tech's offense?

Coach O: They run a conventional offense, but they add in the take play, some spread, some screens. They mix it up with two back looks. Louisiana is always going to have three or four players who are NFL caliber. I told my team not to be surprised if the guy across from you is pretty tough. It's always like that at those schools like them. They have a great tradition, with guys like Terry Breadshaw, Willie Roaf. I have great respect fo the type of players who go there.

Q: What do they look like on defense?

Coach O: They are quick. I know their defensive coordinator. They are a 4-3 defense with safeties up. Marquis McBeath plays for them and is doing a good job. They have quick guys up front and are well-coached.

Q: You mentioned LB Scottie Williams specifically in your press conference yesterday. What has he done to draw your attention lately?

Coach O: He's athletic. We play a multiple defense and you have to learn all those things. He's gifted, but will he be in the right spot when you put him in a game? If he misses a gap, it's a big play. That's all there is to it.

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