Dustin Mouzon talks about the defense

Dustin Mouzon discusses the problems with the defense and what changes can be made to correct it. Go inside for the interview.

What exactly is your injury?

It is a hip pointer. I got hit hard and landed even harder on the ground.

What can you do to overcome and fix the defensive problems?

First off, we have to find out what is wrong so that we can fix our mistakes. Maybe it is a change of rotation or some new players. Whatever it is, we have to fix it. Something is taking our edge away and causing a bad performance.

How much of the problem is just tackling?

Tackling is obviously a big part of the game. When it is third and ten-plus, we have to get off the field. When teams can just run through us and we miss multiple tackles. It will always hurt us, and it showed.

How much was the defense out of position Saturday?

We went back to our regular defenses and got out of the hectic and widespread defenses. We played the things we were used to, and it shouldn't have been like it was. We shouldn't have been out of place or missed tackles, because this is what we know. They are our main defenses. Somewhere along the line we have a lot of missed assignments, and I don't know why.

How is your hip?

It is really sore and tender. It is sensitive to touch. I'm doing a lot of icing and stretching and trying to keep it moving. I don't think it is anything serious.

What happens on third downs?

Third-down conversions have been bad on our side, and it is such a chance to get off the field and give our offense a chance. If we can't pull that off, then we won't become a good defense.

What is the reaction to Coach O's comments following the game?

Coach asks so much of you, and there is so much you can do. The coaches work the hardest to find the gameplan and find the right things to put us in. Really, it all comes down to the players performing well. To get the assignment and make the play. If they can't do that, what can the coaches say?

What was the postgame like after the Georgia game?

It was frustrating because coaches look for so many answers, and sometimes you just can't find it. It wasn't pointing blame at anyone, but there is a problem, and we have to find it.

Is it discouraging or motivation when a coach talks about you?

It is discouraging and motivation. Everyone gets discouraged when someone gets down on you, especially the head guy. Coach O talks about you or mentions your name, you get discouraged, but on the other side, you have to take it as a slap in the face and step your game up. It isn't only Coach O counting on you, it is the entire staff and all the players. We have to step up in this situation.

What is causing the poor fourth quarters?

You have to win the game in the fourth quarter. We have played well in the first half or for a quarter or so, but I don't know. We do well when we get on a roll, and we have to find the way to stay on top.

What can you do to keep the teams' head up?

That is one of the hardest things because I am always asking myself what I can do. There isn't much you can say, but there is motivation here and there. Even if we are losing, I am telling everyone to keep their heads up and battle and support the offense. Don't just sit on the bench or look in the stands. That is just bad. I tell my team to stay positive because anything can happen in a football game. We need to go to practice and have a good, exciting day. That will let everyone get over the loss.

Causing turnovers has been a problem. How do you start causing them?

Tackling is the biggest thing. You need hats around the ball, or turnovers aren't going to come easy. Strip attempts and pressure on the quarterback. That along with tipped balls. Those cause turnovers, but I am going to go with tackling. If guys break tackles and keep going, how can we get turnovers?

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