Practice report, Thursday

The Rebels practiced early on Thursday so the coaches could disperse to go junior college recruiting throughout the state. Read what Ole Miss COach Ed Orgeron said about the final full-speed workout of the week as his team prepares for the homecoming bout with Louisiana Tech this Saturday.

Q: Talk more about Peria Jerry and what's going on with him?

Coach O: He had a fantastic game against Georgia. He got off the ball well and had tackles for losses. He was dominant at times. He needs to work on his pass rush a little, but he's doing great. He' snot totally healthy yet, but he's finally healthy enough where he feels good and is able to practice every day. He's become the emotional leader of our defense.

Q: How does it change what you have to do offensively when you are facing someone like Peria?

Coach O: You have to double team guys like him. If you don't, they will disrupt everything. Guys like him are tough to deal with and can turn the numbers in the favor of the defense when he eats up two OL.

Q: Talk about what his counterpart, Brandon Jenkins, is doing.

Coach O: He's playing good. He played real well at the beginning of the Georgia game. At the end he made a couple of mistakes, but he's working very hard. It's his senior year and he is more intent than ever on doing the right things.

Q: Is the secondary situation clearing up some for you?

Coach O: Not really. We've had to use a lot of guys there and at linebacker. We had a guy go down today in the secondary - I'm not going to tell you who - and that makes us kind of thin, but it's that time of the season and part of football.

Q: Have you been able to make any decisions yet on redshirts?

Coach O: No. Some guys it's obvious, but we don't know who we might need as the year unfolds, especially on defense.

Q: Has the offense gotten to the point where you are comfortable with their balance?

Coach O: Yes. I feel good about the offense and what they are doing. I think the weapons are here. The wideouts are doing well, the backs are doing well. The scheme we have makes me feel good on that side of the ball. I feel they are only one or two things away from the 30-plus-points outings.

Q: Did you predict the wide receivers doing this well?

Coach O: With the experience they had last year, I thought they should do better this year, but they have by far exceeded my expectations. They are catching the ball well and running good routes. Mike Wllace and Shay Hodge have really come on strong. They are confident, they know what they are doing and they are having success.

Q: How are Antonio Turner and Kentrell Lockett coming along at LEO?

Coach O: Antonio is doing OK. Kentrell should juice up our pass rush some.

Q: Are you able to get leadership from any of your linebackers since they are so new?

Coach O: Not really. It's hard to lead when you are still in the learning mode. They are still working on their own games, so you can't expect them to lead. Leadership has fallen on Jamarca Sanford, Dustin Mouzon and, for sure, Peria. He's really getting fired up during games and is leading.

Q: Any more thoughts on Louisiana Tech?

Coach O: We know they are going to come in here with a good gameplan and play well. They have done like us in some games, kind of unraveled at the end. We just have to play well and put together a four quarter game, no matter who we are playing. You go back and look at what we have done and it's still about us and eliminating our mistakes. We hve to control what we can control and that's us.

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