Keys to Victory: La. Tech Game

Ole Miss is looking to end a four-game skid Saturday when the Rebels face La. Tech. Go inside for the keys to victory.

Finally finish

The Rebels are nearing the halfway point of the season and still looking for their first complete game of the season. Ole Miss is more talented than Tech and needs to control the contest for the full 60 minutes. The Bulldogs have the ability to win; so letting them hang around will be bad news for the Rebels in the fourth quarter. Hawaii was lucky to win by one point over Tech earlier in the season. Ole Miss may not be so on Saturday. It is a good opportunity for the home team to play sound football for three hours.

Score touchdowns in the red zone

Inside the opponent's 20 has been a rollercoaster for Ole Miss this season, and that habit needs to cease immediately. Whether it is backbreaking turnovers like against Georgia or settling for field goals like against Florida, the Rebels won't succeed without cashing in the majority of the time. Seth Adams continues to play well, and the running game was successful last weekend, but none of that matters if the scoreboard doesn't light up.

Act like it is a conference game

Ole Miss has no trouble getting up and being focused for the marquee game, but every game is important at this point. Coach Orgeron has said the team lives for the big game, but this comparatively small one could bite the Rebels if not prepared. Confidence and solid play would do wonders for the Rebels, but they must approach the match-up like it is LSU and not coast because it is La. Tech.

Improve the kickoff coverage

This is an ongoing sentiment, and is magnified considering the shoddy defensive play of late. The Rebel defenders are struggling and don't need the added pressure of guarding a short field. Squibs have been moderately successful, but the room for error is immense, especially on turf where the ball could bounce right to an upback every time. Whether it is sky kicks or better coverage on normal attempts, keeping La. Tech off midfield is a must. The Bulldogs best chance for the upset lies in only covering a short field repeatedly. Mixing up the efforts could help, considering Georgia made adjustments against the squib last week.

Play loose

The pressure has been building for weeks, but playing tight won't do the Rebels any good. The team needs to come out in front of the home crowd and make plays. In a situation against an underdog with confidence and respect on the line, worrying about what if can only lead to trouble.

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