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The Rebel defense has not had a lot to crow about this season. That's why the 24-0 shutout of Louisiana Tech was so important to them. Read some player comments about the needed win inside.

LB Ashlee Palmer: (On the defensive effort) We went back to basics tis week. The coaches preached doing things right - tackling, making correct fits, executing. We've been doing a lot of tackling drills. We needed to see the work show up in a game and it did today. We were a lot better today than we have been. This wasn't about whether or not Louisiana Tech was good or not, it was about if we were. We haven't accomplished much on defense this year and needed to make some kind of positive statement. I think we did that today. The fans may not look at this as a big win or whatever, but it was very important to us. We needed a boost going into the Alabama game. I think we got that today. (On his 15 tackles in the contest) I was pleased with my play, but I was more pleased with the defense overall. We just played loose. We played the way we know we are capable of playing against anyone. Now, we have to prove it against some of the better teams on our schedule.

CB Dustin Mouzon: (On the shutout) We wanted it badly because we needed a boost on the defense and we felt getting a shutout against Tech was one way to do it. All week, we have been working hard on being in the right place at the right time and I think we accomplshed that today. I thought we looked like better tacklers today because we were in position to make plays. I have never thought we were bad tacklers, but being out of position and missing assignments makes you look that way. We still had a few missed tackles, but we were more assignment sound which helped our tackling. (On having Johnny Brown and Terrell Jackson as the safeties) We didn't like it when Jamarca went down, but I thought those guys came in and did very well. It was great to see them step up. (On his scoop and score on Brandon Jenkins' field goal block) I was trying to block the kick, but didn't get there. My momentum was taking me away from the line of scrimmage and I heard the thud of the block. I turned around and the ball was being scooped by Terrell toward me, which was a heads-up play on his part. I got a good bounce up in my arms and took off. I finished off the play that Brandon and Terrell made.

QB Seth Adams: (On his play) I had a rough day. I wasn't connecting like I should have been. I was hanging the long ball in the air too long and just didn't make good throws most of the day. We did get a couple of interference calls, but one of those was because I underthrew Mike (Wallace). I didn't get it out there like I should. With his speed, you aren't goin to overthrow him much. I was disappointed in my play, but I'll come back and get it right next week. The defense played a great game and we got the win, so I'm happy with the outcome, but I know I have to play better in the weeks to come. (On getting the win) The defense won it. My hat is off to them. They didn't give Louisiana Tech anything. I was happy for them because they have had some struggles and deserved to put some things together as hard as they have worked. We all needed the victory. It will be a lot more fun preparing for Alabama coming off a win. Mistakes seem easier to correct when you win. (On facing Alabama, Arkansas and Auburn in a row) That is very exciting. That's why you come to the SEC, to play in games like those. We are going to get ready for those guys and get after them. I can't wait and I'm sure everyone on this team feels the same way. It certainly doesn't hurt that we are entering that stretch with a win under our belts and some restored confidence.

DT Peria Jerry: (On the shutout) We met as a DL last night and wrote down our goal of a shutout. It happened. I felt we played a pretty good game and I felt we got better as a defensive unit. (On the pass rush) We pressured their QB and never let him get real comfortable, but we've got to get more sacks from the front four. In my case, I'm so conscious of the run that I sometimes don't react to the high hat enough. When the OL sits back and his helmet is high, that's a pass and I've got to go. Sometimes I hesitate. Coach O tells me to look for the high hat and get after it. I have to keep working on that and working on reacting quicker to the signals the OL gives me. (On getting a win) This was big for us. We needed a confidence boost. We've kept our heads up through some tough times and got somewhat of a payoff today. I know we are better than what we have been showing. We just have to put it all together and play as one. We started to make things happen today. We were gang-tackling today and seemed to be playing more as a unit. That's what we have to do every week from here on.

DT Brandon Jenkins: (On the shutout) We wanted the goose egg badly. We fought for it, even when Louisiana Tech drove down late in the game, we were scratching for the shutout. (On his blocked field goal to preserve the shutout) I line up over the center and shot the gap to the left and broke free. I put my hand up and the ball hit my forearm. I felt the ball hit my arm, but I didn't know where it went. Then I saw Mouzon going downfield for the score. It felt good to be a part of that play. (On the win) We needed it, man. We finally did our thing on defense. We played tight and we played hard. I was proud of our determination and the results. We put a lot into this game in terms of doing things correctly and playing as a unit. It paid off. Hopefully this will springboard us to better things.

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